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ZOZ: Final Hour is Now Available in Few Regions: Know Features and How to Download

ZOZ: Final Hour is Now Available in Few Regions: Know Features and How to Download

ZOZ: Final Hour has been published in new, chosen regions, according to a press statement from NetEase Games. The 1.12 Launch Release is presently available for download in Bolivia, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru on Google Play and TapTap. The Crystal Pass, which allows players rare items to earn, and a brand-new season are both launching concurrently with ZOZ: Final Hour.

ZOZ: Final Hour: Game Plot and Features

A third-person shooter game with a twist, ZOZ: Final Four is set in a world where the living dead have taken over. Blood Crystals are the only thing that can save humanity, and they can only be found in places where the undead exist in great numbers. The participants take on the role of Mercenaries who must complete extraction operations in San Yager in order to collect Blood Crystals and bring them back to base.

Players must utilise a combination of their shooting prowess and tactical gear to live because the undead of San Yager outnumber them. However, those who can maintain composure under pressure will be able to hold out against the horde. Players in ZOZ: Final Hour can betray one another for better prizes at the end of a mission, which is one of the game’s most thrilling features.

Netease is Providing Exclusive Giveaways to Celebrate the Game Launch

The social media platforms for the game will provide exclusive giveaway occasions for the online community that has been supporting ZOZ: Final Hour to commemorate the game’s release. Following the official ZOZ: Final Hour social media channels will give you the chance to win Google Play gift cards and in-game incentives so you can outfit your character for the game’s premiere.

How to Download ZOZ: Final Hour?

Only a few nations, including Brazil, Singapore, South Korea, and North America, presently offer the ZOZ: Final Hour game. Use a VPN service to move your IP to a country on the supported list if you intend to download this game soon. However, save yourself some time by downloading and installing it using this link.

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