xQc urges others to not ‘sniff at Pokimane’s chair’ as a tool of mockery


xQc urges others to not ‘sniff at Pokimane’s chair’ as a tool of mockery – A prominent Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, back in September went viral in a video clip where he was seen to have a ‘sniff’ about his fellow streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’. Recently xQc has admitted that this sniffing of his has cost him a lot. He further reveals that the incident was “quite odd” and “sort of f**ked”.

On the other hand, Pokimane was fully aware of this act of xQc. She did not hesitate to give her response in accordance with the viral clip. Pokimane displayed distaste and uttered ‘ew’ before she burst into laughter.

xQc urges others to not ‘sniff at Pokimane’s chair’ as a tool of mockery

In response to Pokimane, xQc came to intervene by realising the fact that his act wasn’t an act of a wise man.

“I looked off-stream at the sniffing chair joke… Guys, I take it back,” he commented. “That was kind of f**ked. It was pretty weird. I was on no sleep. I’m not going to lie to your chat, it was pretty weird. Don’t emulate that behaviour, chat. It was kind of weird.” “It was fine, [but] not really. Not really. I know her kind of well, and it kind of passes, it’s me, but I get it’s a joke, but people watching don’t, they want to emulate that kind of behaviour. Don’t f**king do that.”

It is clearly visible that xQc is very much repentant of his immoral act. Further, he worries that this act of his may influence the younger generations and as well as his fans worldwide. Certainly, the clip was a funny one and maybe the fans took it in a humorous way, but his gesture was iniquity. Thus, xQc clearly mentioned in his comment that one must not act the way he did.

It is uncertain but perhaps deeds like this may have decreased xQc’s price. Recent research shows that xQc has been dethroned from the top of the Twitch charts. The new leader is named Kai Cenat, who has 100,000 subscribers. The disappointment further continues for xQc, as Kai has become the most-subscribed English Streamer on the Twitch platform.

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