xQc stuns his fans once again by showing off his filthy room

xQc stuns his fans once again by showing off his filthy room

xQc stuns his fans once again by showing off his filthy room – One of the most popular Twitch streamers, xQc, is always in the spotlight surrounding any controversies, be it drawing a good light on him or criticizing him. The latest one drew a lot of disgust towards him, as showoff his room in the stream only to show how messy it was. Fans were left stunned at this sight.

The longer xQc displayed the collection of empty bottles and food wrappers, the more disturbed the chat became. Some even referred to his space as a ‘landfill’. The comment didn’t appear to worry xQc much, though. “How do people actually live like that?” commented his fans. He is also known for not worrying about the decor or appearance of his workspace, noting that he prefers to stream in a casual environment that doesn’t feel like a job. Beyond that, xQc wasn’t able to offer much commentary on the condition of his accommodation.

xQc has faced criticism for the condition of his stream room before. He responded to Pokimane’s room tour in July 2021 by giving a tour of his own set-up and surroundings. Viewers could, however, clearly see the bags of food on the floor and the partially drunk drinks on his desk during the tour. After being instructed to tidy up by his girlfriend, xQc once more shared his messy room in December. Fans could see empty wrappers, half-eaten Chinese food, and snacks that were hidden under his bed. The edges of his bed were covered in crumbs as well.

Many viewers pushed the streamer to tidy up his space, and some even offered to buy him a garbage can. However, this didn’t seem to work much for him as he is indifferent to people’s opinions in this case. He even laughed it off, which justifies his careless attitude. 

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