xQc slams viewers for insane speculations about his relationship with NYYXXI


xQc slams viewers for insane speculations about his relationship with NYYXXI-Twitch’s streaming star, xQc hit out at his viewers for being too invested in his personal life after recent dating speculations with UK streamer NYXXII. Soon after xQc broke up with his ex Adept, his viewers started speculating about his new relationship. His fans pointed at a probable relationship with streamer NYXXII. Nothing has been yet confirmed by xQc as he claims they are still in the initial stage of dating.

The two are just going on dates and seeing where things go, but after people started to speculate and a video of his alleged ‘girlfriend,’ NYYXXI, kissing another lady in front of him went viral, he made it apparent that they aren’t truly dating. His fans are inclined about knowing more and thus rumors and speculations about their relationship are on the rise.

xQc slams viewers for insane speculations about his relationship with NYYXXI

“I spent the whole night swimming in the pool getting drunk and I don’t even remember half of this sh*t,” xQc admitted. “I don’t remember half the f**king night, but everybody was complaining and molding, writing hate comments or some sh*t, writing stories.”

The dissatisfied streaming star has now had to criticize the “insane” followers who, in his opinion, are trying to do everything for him. “Bro I was swimming in the pool and then I was sleeping. Like you act like this like some sort of defense mechanism,” he added.

“It’s weird to see everybody try to live for me, feel for me, think for me, want to act for me. It’s just a weird insane realm where everybody is trying to do everything for me, like brother i’m right here man, like whats up? we’re chillin like holy f**k like idk whats happening anymore it’s insane!”, xQc elaborated. “It’s like everybody is just trying to dictate everything, even the way I’m feeling, talking, and responding to things.”

The prominent streamer has come under fire from numerous followers for publicly disclosing details of his private life with millions of viewers, which they believe “enables and cultivates the parasocial viewers.”

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