xQc slams QTCinderella’s allegations amidst ongoing Adept break-up drama

xQc slams QTCinderella's allegations amidst ongoing Adept break-up drama

xQc slams QTCinderella’s allegations amidst ongoing Adept break-up drama – Following the break-up drama between streaming star xQc and his partner Adept, he didn’t mince his words while addressing what QTCinderella had said regarding their relationship. During his recent live stream, the former Overwatch star acknowledged that he and Adept had once more split up. He also opened up regarding the family drama that had followed where he had to choose between his family and Adept.

The confrontation between the two got even more heated on September 16 during xQc’s stream. However, things took an ugly turn when fellow content creator QTCinderella commented about their relationship targeting serious allegations against xQc.

xQc responded to QTCinderella’s tweets regarding his live stream with Adept in a series of now-deleted tweets. “Holding your ex-girlfriend hostage for content with an audience that loves to hate women… Responsible and nice, QTCinderella wrote out.

xQc slams QTCinderella’s allegations amidst ongoing Adept break-up drama

After reading the comment, xQc slammed the comments by saying “Where I’m from we don’t subtweet like cowards. Why did you invite me to your events two years in a row if you thought I was a woman hater?” He explained, “Everyone can talk their garbage about what I do and how they feel about it. Everyone runs their mouth and they get support.”

“Why platform me? How does it make any sense,” continued xQc. On Twitch, the streamer stated that “I wasn’t even talking about QT but I saw her tweet. Bro, I thought the cruelest use of the platform was (gambling) but now it’s this. I guess I’m outdoing myself. I guess I do worse than the worst every week bro.” “I don’t give no f**k bro. I don’t care bro. People act like they’re the judge of content…. Do your own thing. You don’t have to worry about sh*t pal,” the streamer added.

Later, xQc took to Twitter to cool the situation that had gone out of hand after his break-up-related allegations and apologized for his actions on social media.

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