xQc slams OTK following Emiru’s viral video about Twitch’s ongoing drama

xQc slams OTK following Emiru's viral video about Twitch's ongoing drama

xQc slams OTK following Emiru’s viral video about Twitch’s ongoing drama – A lot has been happening on Twitch in the past couple of weeks, starting from the gambling controversy to Mizkif leaving OTK. After the recent video of Emiru going viral, xQc lost his calm on some of his fellow streamers and members of the OTK organization.

An investigation into his role in the sexual harassment drama involving fellow Twitch streamers Slick and Adrianna Lee has now resulted in Mizkif, the OTK co-founder being placed on leave and stepping down from his responsibilities. 

xQc slams OTK following Emiru’s viral video about Twitch’s ongoing drama

Soon after this, Emiru shared her opinions on the sexual harassment incident in which AdrianahLee claimed that CrazySlick touched her indecently. She broke down live on broadcast and shared her thoughts on the ongoing streamer dispute. She went on to say that she thought the streamers participating in the dispute were taking advantage of the female content makers’ situation. Although Emiru made a statement in support of Mizkif, xQc thinks the group is making use of the video as the situation worsens.

xQc never hesitates to put out his opinions, even in cases where it could displease many. In his latest live stream, the streaming star reacting to Emiru’s viral video said, “This was a move, okay? If you cannot see the people being genuine, being real. That’s on you. That’s your problem. You are delirious, not to see people being genuine or not. This was not genuine…I can see through people’s sh*t, okay?”

xQc continued, slamming his desk in anger, “Come on man! Everybody knew dude. What the f*** is this man? ‘Oh, we didn’t know’. I was already called out for weaponizing this since the get-go…I’m so tired of this sh*t, it’s so annoying.”

The streamer is surely upset about a lot of things happening on the purple platform lately. However, amidst the ongoing drama, many popular streamers including Pokimane have expressed their desire to distance themselves from some streamers. 

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