xQc reacts to Ninja streaming across multiple platforms: “It’s not really a money glitch”

xQc reacts to Ninja streaming across multiple platforms: “It's not really a money glitch”

xQc reacts to Ninja streaming across multiple platforms: “It’s not really a money glitch” – Recently, the Fortnite star Ninja announced new plans to stream across multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. Coming as a surprise to many, streaming star xQc appreciated him for his new initiative stressing its potential to become big.

Ninja’s announcement of simulcasting on multiple platforms created a lot of buzz on the Internet, with many content creators discussing the same. Though people have different opinions about simulcasting, xQc had nothing but praise for Ninja’s move, even calling it a ‘smart’ one. The Canadian streamer was quick to react to the announcement and discussed it during his Twitch live stream.

xQc reacts to Ninja streaming across multiple platforms

xQc was really impressed when he learned that Ninja’s stream on TikTok alone had more viewers than Twitch. According to him, this has the potential to become a meta in the future, and streamers would invest in it. “I told you guys…I told you it was the future,” stated xQc. “Guys I said this like a year and a half ago, I said it earlier and I said it yesterday – I told you, multi-streaming is absolutely the future,” he continued.

Fans also had varying opinions, especially many who compared Ninja’s way of simulcasting to a ‘money glitch’. However, xQc claimed, “It’s not really a money glitch. If anything, it’s like a growth glitch. The real money glitch is farming that for like a year. And then, after the year’s over. Going live one last time on some platforms and saying, ‘Oh, you can only watch on this. You can only watch on that.’ In the end, all focalize them on one point. And get a massive contract.”

Ninja is now broadcasting his content over a wide range of platforms as he no longer has an exclusive streaming affiliation on Twitch. It is, however, too soon to predict how this new streaming approach pans out for Ninja in terms of growth and monetary benefits.

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