xQc plans to run Twitch subathon in 2023 as a part of his New Year’s resolution

xQc plans to run Twitch subathon in 2023 as a part of his New Year’s resolution

xQc plans to run a Twitch subathon in 2023 as a part of his New Year’s resolution- xQc has been planning for a subathon for a while now. However, it got delayed for the last two years. After making numerous promises to conduct his long-awaited subathon, Twitch celebrity Felix “xQc” Lengyel has provided an update on when he finally intends to do so.

Finally, xQc is eyeing 2023 to run a Twitch subathon. In one of his latest gaming live streams, he talked about the possibility of a Twitch subathon. He stated, “subathon before Q3 (third quarter of the year). I think that’s fair enough. Uhm… hold up! What? This is realistic. Be on time for stream 75% of the time.”


xQc also came up with many other resolutions for the year 2023. Some of the resolutions that he focused on are related to other aspects of his life, stream less, run a podcast, stream more real-world content, obtain his driver’s licence, exercise more, and improve his diet.

The juicer elaborated on his resolutions by pointing out, “Okay. Host my own podcast. Maybe two. I have goals, okay? These need to be stream (related goals) and off-stream (related goals). So like, one would get a license. A driver’s license. Hire a chef, maybe, and eat better. Go on walks. Chat, guys, this is off-stream! Yeah, maybe I’ll do an on-stream gym arc, but… I actually enjoy walks. So saying the ‘bar low’ is just, ‘set the fire.’ Okay? It’s just to heat up the fire.”

Only time will tell if he succeeds in completing any or all of them, but if he does, the Twitch subathon may prove to be the most straightforward considering how frequently and for how long he streams. There’s a significant likelihood that it will surpass Ludwig’s 31-day subathon in 2021 in popularity.

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