xQc loses $500,000 USD favoring France in FIFA World Cup Finals


xQc loses $500,000 USD favoring France in FIFA World Cup Finals- As Argentina defeated the defending champions in the FIFA World Cup finals, Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel continued gambling on the crypto gambling site Stake.

Hours before the match, the streamer posted a screenshot of the gambling stub, showing that he had bet $500,000 on France to win the World Cup. After a nail-biting finish, Lionel Messi and his teammates lifted the third trophy for their nation after a penalty shootout for the ultimate honor.

xQc loses $500,000 USD favoring France in FIFA World Cup Finals

The recent surge in traffic to the up-and-coming streaming platform Kick is a result of the highly contentious relationship between Twitch and gambling. The website is owned by the owners of Stake and provides a safe haven for creators interested in streaming slots.

While Drake and Trainwreckstv (both sponsored by Kick) have attracted massive audiences to Kick, xQc is still on Twitch. Despite being a variety streamer, Felix is quite well-known for his gambling streams on Twitch in the past, where he used to play slots and other things before that type of content were banned from the platform.

His latest bet had him set a massive amount of money on the FIFA World Cup Finals. Having publicly cashed out the $5K, he explained to his audience that it would have had no significance even if France won the match, since the bet was to win within 90 minutes of play with extra time, without counting penalty shootouts.

After the news that he had cashed out went viral, the streamer defended his decision, saying:

“Yes, I shouldn’t have cashed out. But at the same time, you guys need to understand that it didn’t matter in the end because now at this point I already lost. Me and Train’s bet was for a win at 90 minutes plus extra time. We are past that, now we are going to overtime. So, that doesn’t matter anymore. I would have lost regardless.”

As per a more recent Tweet from xQc, the total loss from his side due to betting on the World Cup was about $650,000.

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