xQc and Pokimane Almost Escaped from Ban in Fortnite for Teaming Up with Viewers

xQc and Pokimane Almost Escape Ban from Fortnite for Teaming Up

xQc and Pokimane were playing Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 together during a recent Twitch stream to see what it’s like to play Fortnite without construction. During a duos match, multiple stream snipers, probably made up of individuals from both audiences, targeted the two popular Twitch livestreamers. This immediately resulted in a big group of players congregating around the Daily Bugle in a public match that would normally disperse these individuals over the map. xQc ban Fortnite

Recognizing their numbers disadvantage, xQc urged his and Pokimane’s Twitch viewers to remain calm and follow his instructions. xQc ordered the stream snipers to form a line and slide down one of the hills near to the Daily Bugle location of interest, assuring them that the event would be filmed on livestream. In an attempt to turn a terrible situation into a positive one, the two Twitch streamers persuaded the stream snipers to collaborate with them rather than compete against them, which Epic Games instantly recognised as “teaming.” xQc and Pokimane Fortnite

This strangely worked out for them for a time, with xQc wanting to form a long line of players and slide down the mountain they were standing on, but he was thrown out of the game as soon as he was ready to count them down, with Poki close after.

When xQc returned to the main menu, he attempted to question his chat if it was an automated kick or if he was being reported, but he received no direct responses from his audience. Poki inquired if he had been kicked as well, fearing that he had been booted off the servers. Poki then told xQc what she wanted to do next, and she said she wanted to keep playing the game, but in a normal way, so she wouldn’t get kicked again and risk being permanently banned. xQc ban Fortnite

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