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Twitch Sensation xQc Accidently Opened Upcoming Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 on Stream

Twitch Sensation xQc Accidently Opened Overwatch 2 on Stream

After opening Blizzard’s unannounced Overwatch 2 on stream, popular streamer and former Overwatch League pro xQc panicked, nearly showing more of the highly-anticipated game. xQc was trying to play Overwatch with fellow streams Pokelawls and Adept when he accidentally flipped to the Overwatch page on and pushed play during a stream yesterday. However, the streamer failed to see that he was not selecting the base Overwatch game, but rather the ‘test server’ programme. Naturally, the loading screen that appeared was not for Overwatch’s base version, but for the ongoing NDA’s alpha test for Overwatch 2’s forthcoming release. xQc Leaked Overwatch 2

Fortunately for xQc, nothing on-stream that he mistakenly shared was extremely revealing. The Overwatch 2 alpha test’s loading screen doesn’t even have an Overwatch 2 logo, and he exited the game before it finished loading. Clearly, showing any element of an NDA’d alpha test, a test that participants aren’t even meant to be aware of, will result in a swift punishment. xQc even jokes that he’ll be “put in jail.” xQc Leaked Overwatch 2

For those who are unaware, xQc began his career in the Overwatch League before becoming the viral streaming sensation that he is now. xQc spent the bulk of his first season with the Dallas Fuel as one of the team’s key tanks, earning a reputation for his Winston performance. xQc’s professional career was cut short due to controversy before the end of the first season, but he remained a beloved character in the Overwatch community.

Because of his personality, xQc is known for having chaotic streams. It’s both on-brand for xQc and completely predictable that he’d open Overwatch 2 by accident. xQc, on the other hand, is clever in many ways. It wouldn’t surprise us if he opened it on purpose, as a joke, and said it was an accident.

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