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Xbox Cloud Gaming: Gamers might be able to access Elden Ring, GTA 5, and other games on their mobile


Want to play PC titles on mobile? Xbox Cloud Gaming might soon provide the answer to this – In subscription-based gaming services, Xbox Game Pass takes the crown. It is arguably the best provider of deals/offers to gamers and major titles to stream or download at a low monthly fee. Players can have access to major franchise titles like the Tom Clancy series or Minecraft, to even the latest releases like Moto GP 22 and Turbo Golf Racing.

Another major feature that makes the Game Pass so attractive is the Xbox Cloud Gaming service that comes along with it. With this, the user can save their games to their library and play them on different platforms, even mobile devices. But it looks like Xbox is looking to focus on their Cloud Gaming to make it the next big thing. They may be expanding this service and allow their users to play even AAA titles through it.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will also work with non-Game Pass titles

Currently, the Xbox Cloud Gaming can only be used with games that are available on the Game Pass and its library. But it might soon change. A Twitter user named “Knoelbelbroet” has recently shared that screenshots showing the Cloud Gaming Beta logo on a handful of major game titles available on the Xbox Store.

If this becomes a reality, it can be considered a huge thing to happen to the Xbox. With the ever-increasing number of mobile devices and internet users, a large number of users might use the service and play big-name games easily on their handheld devices.

Top-grossing games like Elden Ring might see a further boost in their sales. Still, everything first needs to be made official by Xbox first before we can rejoice. Xbox has yet to confirm or deny any speculations regarding its Cloud Gaming service or its future.

There is also a chance that the company might be holding on to this and may reveal it at the upcoming Gamescom event. Everything will be clear when it begins on Aug. 24. Till then these rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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