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Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals: Overview, Teams, Schedule, and where to watch matches

Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals: Overview, Teams, Schedule, and where to watch matches
Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals: Overview, Teams, Schedule, and where to watch matches

Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals: Overview, Teams, Schedule, Stream. In the past four days, we have seen the best League of Legends teams from across the world battle it out in the Quarter Finals. Out of all the best of 5 series, only the 2nd Quarter-Final between EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up went to the 5th match. In all the other three series, the LCK teams thrashed their opponents 3-0 and booked their spot for the Semi-Finals.


1st Quarter-Finals

T1 was the favorite going into this best of 5 series, but people still expected Hanwa Life Esports to put up a fight against the juggernauts. Unfortunately, it looked like T1 had done their homework on their opponents as Faker and team never allowed the Deft and Chovy, HLE’s main damage dealers, to become effective in any game.

2nd Quarter-Finals

As both teams were from the LPL region, the odds were slightly in favor of Royal Never Give Up. Yet EDward Gaming overcame their curse and defeated RNG 3-2 to qualify for the Worlds Semi-Finals for the first time. The 1st match was won by RNG but the next two went to EDG. RNG bounced back in the 4th match but EDG had the last laugh as they closed the final game and won the series.

3rd Quarter-Finals

When you are up against Damwon KIA, the last year defending champions who are currently on an undefeated streak, it can be highly stressful. We could see it in MAD Lion’s gameplay as Armut and Humanoid who are known for being fearless, were making mistakes or being kept in check by the entire Damwon KIA team. Carzzy was never able to outclass Ghost in the marksman position and Khan was brilliant in every team fight. Damwon is continuing their undefeated streak in the Worlds 2021.

4th Quarter-Finals

Both Gen.G and Cloud 9 have been quite inconsistent in their Group Stage matches. Cloud 9 proved to be disappointing unlike their last run at the Group Stage. In every game, both teams committed slight mistakes and looked to be out of form. Still, Gen.G, the LCK representative, maintained discipline in all three games against Cloud 9. Clid and Bdd outshined Blaber and Perkz respectively in ganks, objectives, and team fights. Even if Cloud 9 got a lead at some point, they were never able to capitalize on it. Thus all three matches were won by Gen.G because they performed better than Cloud 9.

WORLDS 2021 Semi-finals: Teams

The teams that have qualified for the Semi-Finals are:

  1. T1 from 1st Quarter-Final.
  2. EDward Gaming from 2nd Quarter-Final.
  3. Damwon KIA from 3rd Quarter-Final.
  4. Gen.G from 4th Quarter-Final.

Three teams from LCK qualified while EDwad Gaming is the only LPL team that advanced into the Semi-Finals.

WORLDS 2021 Semi-finals: Schedule

The Schedule for the Semi-Finals is as follows:

  1. T1 and Damwon KIA will battle on 30th October for the Finals place.
  2. EDward Gaming and Gen.G will fight on 31st October for the Finals spot.

The teams will play a best of 5 series between them to determine the winner.

WORLDS 2021 Semi-finals: Where to watch?

These matches will be LIVE streamed at www.lolesports.com, the LoL Esports channel on YouTube, and the Riot Games Twitch channel. These matches will start at 5.30 PM Indian Standard Time. Stay tuned with us to know more about the latest news regarding the League of Legends World Championships 2021.

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