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WORLDS 2021: RNG and HLE advance into Worlds Quarter-Finals from Group C

WORLDS 2021: RNG and HLE advance into Worlds Quarter-Finals from Group C

RNG and HLE advance into Worlds Quarter-Finals from Group C. Day 6 of the Worlds Championship was extremely nail-biting. While Royal Never Give Up fought to keep their top position in the group, Hanwa Life Esports, PSG Talon, and Fnatic competed to keep their hopes of advancing further into the competition. Let us look at the matches of all the teams in detail.

WORLDS 2021: RNG and HLE advance into Worlds Quarter-Finals from Group C

1st Match: PSG Talon VS Hanwa Life Esports

This was a one-sided stomp by Hanwa Life Esports (HLE). They had a good early game and maintained the lead throughout the game. By the time the game ended at near about thirty minutes, the kill score was 15-2 with only Morgan and Vista getting killed once while Willer, Chovy, and Deft were deathless during the match. PSG Talon slipped from their 2-1 match score to 2-2.

2nd Match: Fnatic VS Royal Never Give Up

Many people had written off Fnatic at this point as they had lost 3 matches continuously. But the European team proved that they were not to be taken lightly. It was a close match with both RNG and Fnatic having close encounters in every team fight. But it was Bwipo as the jungling Viego and Adam as the top lane Jayce who always found crucial picks and saw to it that Fnatic provided the first defeat to RNG.

3rd Match: PSG Talon VS Royal Never Give Up

PSG Talon could not keep up the momentum that they had in the first leg of the group matches. Their Talon jungle pick by River was punished heavily by RNG and while it was close at some points, RNG was able to close the game with a win at 31 minutes. With this PSG Talon fell to third place in the group table while RNG recovered from their defeat against Fnatic.

4th Match: Fnatic VS Hanwa Life Esports

Fnatic was determined to fight for their Worlds 2021 advance opportunity. It was seen from their playstyle as they punished HLE’s red buff invade and picked first blood on Bean. But HLE did not backtrack and kept engaging and looking for opportunities. By the time the match ended at 43 minutes, HLE was able to win and end Fnatic’s advance but the kill score was very close, 25-23.

5th Match: Hanwa Life Esports VS Royal Never Give UP

This was an easy match for HLE as they were able to deprive RNG of all the major dragons and get an Infernal soul quickly. It was Morgan, Chovy, and Willer who shined and HLE were able to end the match by 36 minutes with a 9 thousand gold lead and a score of 15-5 to RNG.

6th Match: PSG Talon VS Fnatic

This match was more of an ending for the journey of both these teams. Both Fnatic and PSG Talon wanted to exit this tournament with a final win. PSG Talon was able to build their lead little by little and Hanabi’s Jayce was the star with 14 kills to his name by the time the match ended. Fnatic ended their Worlds journey with a 1-5 match score while PSG Talon finished third with a 3-3 match score.

7th Match: Hanwa Life Esports VS Royal Never Give Up

Both these teams had qualified for Worlds Quarter Finals at this point but this match was crucial as it decided the top position of the group. Both teams fought tooth and nail and were constantly looking to gain an advantage over each other. But it was Wei’s Xin Zhao that was the more effective jungler in almost all team fights and proved to be the crucial point that carried RNG to win at the 43rd minute of the game.

As the final game concluded, it was RNG who topped Group C with 5-2 while HLE came second with 4-3. The tie-breaking match at the end was the most interesting one of Day 6 at League of Legends World Championship 2021 aka Worlds 2021.

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