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Worlds 2021 QuarterFinals: Overview, Teams, Schedule, and Stream

Worlds 2021 QuarterFinals: Overview, Teams, Schedule, and Stream

Worlds 2021 QuarterFinals: Overview, Teams, Schedule, and Stream. The Group Stage of Worlds 2021 has concluded and what an entertaining competition it has been so far. There have been a lot of tie-breakers to determine the teams who can advance into the quarter-finals. The top teams of each group will now go up against the second-ranking team in the QuarterFinals.

Worlds 2021 QuarterFinals: Overview

From Group A, the last year’s world champions, Damwon KIA cruised easily to the top spot as they were undefeated in all their six games. There were two tie-breakers here. In the first one, Rouge won against FunPlus Phoenix but then went on to lose the next one against Cloud 9. Thus Cloud 9 qualified for the Quarter Finals, becoming the only North American team left in the tournament.

For Group B, it was straightforward. There were no tie-breakers and both T1 and EDward Gaming qualified with match scores of 5-1 and 4-2 respectively.

In Group C, the qualifying two teams were known by the end of the day, which were Hanwa Life Esports and Royal Never Give Up. But both HLE and RNG had to battle up to determine the top team of the group and this battle was won by RNG after a close game.

Group D was the most entertaining one so far. It was the first time in World’s history that all four teams got tied with a 3-3 score at the end of the day. Thus we saw three tie-breaking matches to determine the final standing. In the first match, Gen.G defeated Team Liquid while in the second match MAD Lions narrowly defeated LNG Esports. Both MAD and Gen.G duked it out in the last qualifier but it was Gen.G who came on top at last. Thus Gen.G became the top team of Group D followed by MAD Lions.

Worlds 2021 QuarterFinals: Teams

The teams who qualified for the Quarter Finals are:

  1. Damwon Gaming KIA and Cloud 9 from Group A.
  2. T1 and EDward Gaming from Group B.
  3. Royal Never Give Up and Hanwa Life Esports from Group C.
  4. Gen.G and MAD Lions from Group D.

All the four Korean teams (LCK) qualified for the Quarter Finals, followed by two teams from China (LPL) and one from North America (LCS) and Europe (LEC) respectively.

Worlds 2021 QuarterFinals: Schedule

The schedule for the Quarter Finals are as follows:

  1. The first match series will be between T1 and Hanwa Life Esports on 22nd October.
  2. The second match series will be between Royal Never Give Up and EDward Gaming on 23rd October.
  3. The third match series will be between Damwon KIA and MAD Lions on 24th October.
  4. The fourth match series will be between Gen.G and Cloud 9 on 25th October.

The teams will play a best of 5 series to determine the winner.

Worlds 2021 QuarterFinals: Stream

All these matches will be streamed LIVE at LoL Esports on YouTube. These matches will start at 5.30 PM Indian Standard Time. Keep in touch with us to know about the latest update regarding the League of Legends Worlds 2021.

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