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Worlds 2021: Damwon KIA end T1’s journey with a 3-2 win and advance to the Grand Finals

Worlds 2021: Damwon KIA end T1's journey with a 3-2 win and advance to the Grand Finals

Both teams looked strong coming into the Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals. Damwon KIA was on an undefeated streak while T1 had just lost only one game in the Group Stage. Fans got to witness the pinnacle of LCK performance, as the back and forth team fights continued till the 5th match with Damwon KIA finally defeating T1 and booking their spot in the Grand Finals.

1st Match

Damwon KIA went with Khan taking Lucien, Canyon opting for Lee Sin, ShowMaker choosing LeBlanc, Ghost picking Jhin, and Beryl choosing Maokai. T1 went with counter picks like Canna taking Jayce, Oner picking Poppy, Faker choosing Ryze, Gumayusi opting for Miss Fortune, and Keria picking Leona. While T1 picked a First Blood on Khan’s Lucien, Oner’s jungle ganks were not as effective as Canyon’s ganks on his Lee Sin.

Damwon took and won team fights at the correct timings. Thus T1 was deprived of both the Rift Heralds and three Dragons in the game. ShowMaker on LeBlanc and Ghost on Jhin were phenomenal. Damwon ended the game in the 28th minute with a 14-3 kill score against T1. Worlds 2021

2nd Match

T1 picked Jhin on Gumayusi, Rakan on Keria, Lissandra on Faker, Lee Sin on Oner and Yasuo on Canna. Damwon KIA went with Graves on Khan, Xin Zhao on Canyon, LeBlanc on ShowMaker, Draven on Ghost, and Alistar on Beryl. T1 picked First Blood on ShowMaker this time. The game was even till the 23rd minute with both teams on a 2-2 score but a team fight near the Dragon pit resulted in Damwon being aced while only 3 members of T1 fell.

Damwon was coming back in the game but a Baron steal by Oner in the 36th minute led to Damwon getting aced again and T1 ending the game with a 13-5 kill score.

3rd Match

Damwon KIA selected Lucian on Khan, Jarvan IV on Canyon, Syndra on ShowMaker, Miss Fortune on Ghost, and Maokai on Beryl. T1 went with Kennen on Canna, Xin Zhao on Oner, Ryze on Faker, Jhin on Gumayusi, and Zilean on Keria. Damwon took the First Blood and was slightly ahead of T1 till the 20th minute but then Ghost’s Miss Fortune and Khan’s Lucien got picked off.

T1 was able to kill 4 members of Damwon in the 27th minute. By the 37th minute, the combo of Gumayusi’s Jhin and Keria’s Zilean was too much for Damwon and T1 ended the game on a 22-10 kill score. Worlds 2021

4th Match

T1 went with a squishy composition that was kind of high risk/high reward for them. Canna took Jayce, Oner took Jarvan IV, Faker got Ryze, Gumayusi picked Lucien and Keria chose Lulu. Damwon KIA took champions that had high potential to punish T1. Khan chose Gragas, Canyon chose Qiyana, ShowMaker opted LeBlanc, Ghost picked Jhin and Beryl took Rakan.

Damwon was able to pick and win team fights at correct timings which helped them to get all the objectives and thus get a large lead on T1. Like the first match, Damwon took all the Rift Heralds, Dragons, and Baron in the 30-minute match before they ended it. ShowMaker played in a godly fashion punishing all T1 members and had an 11/0/3 KDA score at the end of the game.

5th Match

At the final match of the series, both teams went for strong punishing champions. Damwon KIA picked Graves on Khan, Talon on Canyon, Zoe on ShowMaker, Ziggs on Ghost, and Rakan on Beryl. T1 went with Kennen on Canna, Xin Zhao on Oner, Azir on Faker, Aphelios on Gumayusi, and Zilean on Keria. Damwon had an advantage in this Draft pick because of the longer range of their champions. Worlds 2021

Damwon played clinically and took the Mountain Soul Dragon at the 28th minute. While T1 was able to take the 1st Baron at the 30th minute, poor team communication and positioning allowed Damwon to ace them after that at the top lane. T1 never recovered as they were aced again after losing the Elder Dragon and team fight in the 35th minute. Damwon KIA ended the game there with a 15-7 kill score.


Damwon KIA will have the opportunity to defend its title in the Worlds 2021 Grand Finals. With the way they are playing, they are still the favorites to win the Summoner’s Cup. They will fight the winners of the 2nd Semi-Finals. On the other hand, T1’s Worlds journey will end here and they will have to settle with the 3rd-4th finish.

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