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Worlds 2021 Champions: Edward Gaming is the League of Legends World Championship 2021 winner

Worlds 2021 Champions: Edward Gaming is the League of Legends World Championship 2021 winner
Worlds 2021 Champions: Edward Gaming is the League of Legends World Championship 2021 winner

Worlds 2021 Champions: Edward Gaming is the League of Legends World Championship 2021 winner. What a Grand Finals it has been for the League of Legends World Championship 2021! Both Damwon KIA and Edward Gaming gave their best performances and the series went to the 5th match to determine which team will lift the Summoner’s Cup this year. But it was Edward Gaming from the LPL region, who after qualifying past the Quarter-Finals for the first time in history, has now defeated Damwon KIA, the last year’s Worlds Champions, by 3-2.

1st Match

Damwon KIA went for a poke-heavy champion lineup with Khan picking Yasuo, Canyon taking Xin Zhao, ShowMaker on LeBlanc, Ghost taking Ziggs, and BeryL taking Rakan. Edward Gaming went with their comfort picks having Flandre take Graves, JieJie with Jarvan IV, Scout with Ryze, Viper with Jhin, and Meiko on his Zilean. Both teams played strategically and punished their rivals whenever they made mistakes.

An aggressive Baron push by Damwon in the 30th minute resulted in a disaster as EDG aced them without losing any champions. This helped them to take the Baron and also the Ocean Soul Dragon. This advantage allowed EDG to end the game at the 35th minute with a 16-4 kill score.


2nd Match

Both teams went with some unique champion picks in this match. Damwon took Graves on Khan, Qiyana on Canyon, Malzahar on ShowMaker, Jhin on Ghost, and Leona on BeryL. EDG also went with Irelia on Flandre, Xin Zhao on JieJie, LeBlanc on Scout, Kai’sa on Viper, and Rakan on Meiko. ShowMaker’s Malzahar proved to be crucial as he was able to lock on EDG champions and helped his teammates to eliminate them before even the team fight started. The lead just increased as the game progressed as Damwon was successful in taking objectives and picking off EDG members. The game ended at 32 minutes with a 22-3 kill score after Damwon aced EDG in the bottom lane.


3rd Match

EDG went with Jayce on Flandre, Xin Zhao on JieJie, Twisted Fate on Scout, Jhin on Viper, and Leona on Meiko. Damwon picked Gragas on Khan, Lee Sin on Canyon, Sylas on ShowMaker, Aphelios on Ghost, and Braum on BeryL. Both teams played safe and for objectives. It was in the 10th minute that Scout’s Twisted Fate got first blood on Khan’s Gragas and gave EDG a lead.

Damwon played patiently and finally punished EDG in the team fight for the Infernal Soul Dragon at the 28th minute. Damwon continued to win over EDG in team fights by killing their multiple members and finally closed the game just before the 35th minute with a 17-7 kill score.


4th Match

It was a match point for Damwon and they went with Gwen on Khan, Talon on Canyon, Orianna on ShowMaker, Jhin on Ghost, and Nami on BeryL. EDG took Graves for Flandre, Viego for JieJie, Zoe for Scout, Lucien for Viper, and Lulu for Meiko. JieJie on his Viego farmed fearlessly and was able to delay the farm of Canyon’s Talon a lot.

EDG focused on objectives and got a Mountain Soul Dragon at the 26th minute. With a Baron buff at the 30th minute, EDG pushed for Damwon’s base and ended a game in the 33rd minute with a 6-3 kill score.


5th Match

In the final match of the Grand Final series, EDG was able to come on top in the draft pick with Kennen on Flandre, Xin Zhao on JieJie, Zoe on Scout, Aphelios on Viper, and Rakan on Meiko. Damwon got Graves on Khan, Trundle on Canyon, Syndra on ShowMaker, Ziggs on Ghost, and Leona on BeryL. Both teams fought strategically, always looking to punish their opponent’s mistakes and outplay them to get a lead.

In the 22nd minute, EDG’s Flandre, JieJie, and Meiko picked off ShowMaker’s overextension on the map. While Damwon looked to punish EDG, they lost 3 more members for only Viper on EDG’s side. While Damwon sneakily killed the Baron, they got aced by EDG while fighting for the Ocean Soul Dragon. EDG played clinically and also took Elder Dragon and Baron in quick successions. With such a huge advantage, Edward Gaming won the game in the 41st minute with a 19-8 kill score.



Edward Gaming performed a miracle by winning the League of Legends World Championship aka Worlds 2021 Summoner’s Cup and defeating the tournament favorites and defending champions, Damwon KIA. Their playstyle matured as the tournament went on and they have finally silenced all their critics by becoming the Worlds 2021 champions. Kudos to Scout, Flandre, JieJie, Meiko, and Meiko for their superb performance in the Grand Finals and winning the best of 5 series by 3-2. Damwon KIA fell short at the end and will be the runner’s-up team for the Worlds 2021.

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