World Esports Community Showing Solidarity with Ukraine Amidst Russian Invasion

Russia Invades Ukraine World Esports Community Showing Solidarity with Ukraine Amidst Russian Invasion

World Esports Community Showing Solidarity with Ukraine Amidst Russian Invasion: After the Russian army invaded Ukraine earlier today, the esports community rallied in support of the country. Organizations and players alike took to social media, particularly Twitter and Instagram, to express their solidarity with Ukraine during these trying times. Earlier today, reports surfaced of a full-fledged Russian invasion of Ukraine, following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that the Russian Army will conduct a “military operation” in Ukraine. Since this morning, videos and pictures of bombings, missiles, troops moving in, and other events have been circulating on the internet, and ground reports confirm this. Russia Invades Ukraine. Russia vs Ukraine

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, a Ukrainian CS:GO pro, revealed on Twitter that his city was being shelled and pleaded, “Please, please, stop, I can’t do this anymore, we all need peace.” His feelings are shared by many other citizens in his country and around the world, and many members of the esports community have offered him their support.

“I can’t believe what is happening in the world right now,” Tyson “TenZ” Ngo said on Twitter. It makes me feel sick to my stomach.” He also expressed his displeasure with people creating memes about the situation in the midst of the crisis.

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, a two-time The International (TI) champion, and Gambit Esports’ Valorant IGL Igor “Redgar” Vlasov both expressed a desire for the crisis to end peacefully. Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk, who is of Ukrainian descent, expressed gratitude to those who messaged him inquiring about his family and stated that he was praying for everyone in Ukraine.

To show solidarity with Ukraine, a number of esports organisations, including Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Fnatic, and G2 Esports, temporarily changed their logos. Victor Goossens, co-founder of Team Liquid, is even opening up the team’s Netherlands apartments to a non-Liquid player who is stuck in another country. He also stated that the team was willing to assist others in similar situations with temporary housing in the midst of the crisis. Russia Invades Ukraine 

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