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Wild Rift Ranked Updates: Promotion matches removed, 3 bans in ranked queue

Wild Rift

Wild Rift New Ranked Updates: Promotion matches removed, 3 bans in the ranked queue. Wild Rift is soon going to get its new update in the upcoming Patch 2.4. The new patch is bringing some major updates in the ranked mode such as removal of promotion matches, 3 bans in the ranked queue instead of 5 bans, and much more. Read our complete article to know the reasons behind these major updates.

Promotion matches removed

Wild Rift season 3 will not witness promotion matches in the ranked mode. After doing some intense surveys and testing, the developer found that the promotion matches were doing more harm than good for players. In the lower ranks, we saw that promotion loss were more likely than usual to cause players to give up the ranked climb. The reason emerged as the player’s value Promotion Matches more than regular matches, so losing a Promotion Match feels extra bad and discourages further playing.

In higher ranks, the promotion wins are causing players to stop playing ranked more often than would be expected. The reason behind high-ranked players feels that after overcoming a difficult barrier, they worry about falling back into Emerald and having to replay their Promotion Matches. By removing them, the developer hopes to encourage players to keep playing after making it into Diamond knowing that if they fall out, they are just a few wins away from getting back in.

3 bans in the ranked queue instead of 5

The best part of Wild Rift is the competitive league bans which create a feeling of an intense esports environment. Previously, a total of 10 bans were allowed (5 from each team). The current set of champions released and with 10 total bans, results in the majority of players’ favorite champions be banned out. This is the reason for decreasing the number of bans from each team.

Now, most players each match will have a shot banning out their least favorite opponent or the OP champion they don’t want to play against. The developer plans to introduce 10 bans total per match as soon as the champion pool is large enough to support it. Besides this, players must own 16 champions, including free-to-play rotation champions, in order to queue for Ranked. This is to ensure that there is never a match that fails because a player is banned out.

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