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Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021: Da Kun Gaming becomes the first team to win a Wild Rift international tournament

Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021: Da Kun Gaming becomes the first team to win a Wild Rift international tournament
Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021: Da Kun Gaming becomes the first team to win a Wild Rift international tournament

Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021: Da Kun Gaming becomes the first team to win a Wild Rift international tournament. Both the Chinese representative teams, Da Kun Gaming and Thunder Talk Gaming clashed at the Grand Finals of the Wild Rift Horizon Cup 2021 to be crowned as the champions of the tournament. After an exciting series, it was Da Kun Gaming who prevailed over Thunder Talk Gaming with a 4-2 score in a best of 7 series. They become the first team to win an International Wild Rift event. Here is how it all went down.

1st Match

In the first game, Thunder Talk picked Renekton, Vi, Diana, Galio, and Varus. Da Kun went with Darius, Lee Sin, Zed, Garen, and Brand. While Thunder Talk picked up some early kills, Da Kun retaliated by taking multiple kills in every team fight. Thunder Talk’s Diana, Galio, and Vi were always behind Da Kun’s champions. You’s Zed gameplay was phenomenal as he picked up vulnerable champions from the rival team. Da Kun won the game in the 21st minute after acing Thunder Talk and ending with a 26-10 kill score.

2nd Match

In the second game, Da Kun chose Garen, Jax, Zed, Brand, and Leona. Thunder Talk picked Renekton, Kha’zix, Twisted Fate, Malphite, and Senna. The Brand pick on Da Kun’s Wind was crucial as it helped them to pressure Thunder Talk in both lanes and team fights. After taking the Baron at the 17th minute, Da Kun was able to successfully push for Thunder Talk’s Nexus and end the game in the next minute. They ended with a kill score of 14-4.

3rd Match

Thunder Talk chose Renekton, Vi, Orianna, Kai’sa, and Thresh while Da Kun went with Jarvan IV, Kha’zix, Zed, Brand, and Alistar. Both teams played safely in the early game with the first kill taken by Da Kun’s Zed on Thunder Talk’s Kai’sa in the 7th minute. But Thunder Talk took control of the game by picking kills on their other champions while Da Kun was only able to punish Kai’sa. Feibai on his Renekton was crucial in team fights as he burst down Da Kun champions before they could do damage to Thunder Talk’s backline. After taking Baron, Thunder Talk ended the game at the 19th minute with a 14-5 kill score.

4th Match

Thunder Talk chose to go with Garen, Lee Sin, Zed, Senna, and Gragas while Da Kun picked Renekton, Vi, Diana, Varus, and Rakan. Da Kun was slightly ahead of Thunder Talk as they were able to more kills in team fights. The gold lead had reached almost 10k within 17 minutes in Da Kun’s favor but it was Z and feibai on their Zed and Garen respectively that kept the hopes of Thunder Talk alive with their zoning. Thunder Talk was able to win a crucial team fight for the Mountain Elder Dragon and make a comeback into the game. They then took the Baron and ended the game in the 21st minute with a 12-16 kill score.

5th Match

Da Kun picked Darius, Jax, Zed, Brand, and Rakan while Thunder Talk went with the almost same lineup of the previous game by taking Garen, Lee Sin, Senna, Gragas, and Orianna. While Da Kun took the first blood, Thunder Talk went aggressive and picked kills up in multiple lanes. But Da Kun Gaming played patiently and focused on taking objectives like towers, Rift Heralds, Elder Dragon and Baron. Thunder Talk only had feibai’s Garen as an answer for Da Kun’s scaling champions in the late game and this was not enough for them to persist. Thus Da Kun ended the game at the 23rd minute with a 12-12 kill score.

6th Match

With this game being at match point, Da Kun Gaming picked Renekton, Jax, Diana, Varus, and Garen. Thunder Talk went with Darius, Nunu and Willump, Orianna, Senna, and Malphite. Thunder Talk was aggressive from the early game as they were able to pick off 3 Da Kun champions in the fight for the first Rift Herald. But Da Kun’s YK on his Renekton was successful in flanking Thunder Talk’s backline and punished their carries for the aggressiveness.  Da Kun then came back by killing 4 champions from Thunder Talk in the 15th minute and picking the Baron. With the Baron buff, Da Kun Gaming won the match in the 17th minute with a 15-7 kill score.


While Thunder Talk Gaming fought hard, they made mistakes in the 5th and 6th games which allowed Da Kun Gaming to make a comeback with their clinical gameplay and team fights. Thus Da Kun Gaming becomes the champions of the Horizon Cup 2021 after beating Thunder Talk Gaming 4-2 in a best of 7 series. They will be the first team to lift a Wild Rift tournament at the International Stage.

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