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Wild Rift 2.4 Items Preview: Newly updated itemization among item builds

Wild Rift 2.4 items

Wild Rift 2.4 Items Preview: Newly updated itemization among item builds. Wild Rift is soon going to get its new update in the upcoming Patch 2.4. The new patch is bringing some major updates in the ranked mode such as removal of promotion matches, 3 bans in the ranked queue instead of 5 bans, and much more. Besides this, Patch 2.4 brings updated itemization to provide more variety among item builds in the dragon lane. Read our complete article to know about the upcoming Patch 2.4 itemization update.

A variety of items is important to allow players to adapt their playstyle and deliver on their champion fantasies. To ensure the developers are delivering on this, they are providing crit builders the items needed for diverse options. Check out the Wild Rift 2.4 items preview.

  • Total Cost: 3400g → 3200g
    • Builds from Cloak of Agility (1000g) + Vampiric Scepter (1200g) + 1000g
  • [NEW] 25% Critical Rate
  • 65 AD → 40 AD

This item has struggled to find its home. Fighters couldn’t really take advantage of its shield, while Marksmen didn’t want to miss out on building crit. They’ve adjusted its stats, to include Critical Rate to be more appealing to crit-focused players.

Essence Reaver
  • Total Cost: 3100g
    • Builds from Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 900g
  • 40 AD
  • 25% Critical Rate
  • 25 Ability Haste
  • UNIQUE – Essence Flare: Damaging active abilities and empowered attacks deal 10 bonus physical damage +70% Critical Rate. The same ability can only trigger this effect once per unique target per cast.
  • UNIQUE – Mana Siphon: Attacks restore 2% missing mana on-hit

If you’re a mana-hungry Marksman, check out Essence Reaver. This item enhances your ability’s damage and empowered attacks based on your Critical Rate while restoring missing mana on each attack.

Solari Chargeblade
  • Total Cost: 3000g
    • Builds from Stinger (1200g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 800g
  • 30% Attack Speed
  • 25% Critical Rate
  • 25 Ability Haste
  • UNIQUE – Sunburst: Using an ability gathers Radiance (max 3 charges) which grants 25% Critical Rate for up to 10 seconds. Attacks that critically strike expend a charge of Radiance to deal 26-40 bonus True Damage on-hit, increasing up to 150% on low health targets. Each unique ability may only store a charge once every 2s.
    • Max True Damage: 65-100 when target is <= 35% Health

Solari Chargeblade is a brand new item for those looking for an early power spike or just a way to open up your build options by temporarily getting 50% Crit Rate from a single item! Using an ability gathers Radiance (max 3 charges). While you have at least 1 charge of Radiance, you gain 25% Critical Rate. Landing a Critical Attack will consume a charge to deal bonus true damage.

  • Total Cost: 2900g
    • Builds from Cloak of Agility (1000g) + Kircheis Shard (900g) + 1000g
  • 25 AD
  • 20% Attack Speed
  • 25% Critical Rate
  • PASSIVE – Energized: Moving and Attacking will generate an Energized Attack.
  • PASSIVE – Paralyze: Your Energized Attack gains 120 bonus magic damage. In addition, Energized Attacks slow enemies by 75% for 0.5 seconds.

If you want to level up your Energized play with a slow, Stormrazor is the item for you! Granting you some well-rounded stats for Marksman looking to hit hard, fast, and slow down their opponents.

Navori Quickblades
  • Total Cost: 3100g
    • Builds from Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + Cloak of Agility (1000g) + 900g
  • 45 AD
  • 25% Critical Rate
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • PASSIVE – Deft Strikes: Your critical strikes with basic attacks reduce your non-ultimate ability cooldowns by 15% of their remaining cooldown.

However, if you’re looking to frequently cast your abilities, look to Navori Quickblades. Each time you land a Critical Attack, you reduce the remaining cooldown of your non-ultimate abilities!


While the developer’s focus for this update is crit-builders, they didn’t want to leave others out of the fun.

Crystalline Reflector
  • Total Cost: 2900g
    • Builds from Seeker’s Armguard (1200g) + Fiendish Codex (1000g) + 700g
  • 45 Armor
  • 50 AP
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • PASSIVE – Mirrored Force: Ability casts grant a mirror shard (up to 3) that each block 10 +5% AP physical Damage from an enemy champion and deal 20 + 10% AP magic damage to them.

In League PC, Zhonya’s Hourglass has held a firm grasp as the armor item for Mages, but in Wild Rift, it has a special place as an active item accessible to everyone. Enter Crystalline Reflector: for when physical damage becomes too much, and you want to hit them back. Each ability you cast grants a mirror shard. When consumed, it blocks incoming physical damage and reflects some of it back at the attacker based on your Ability Power.

Serylda’s Grudge
  • Total Cost: 3000g
    • Builds from + Caulfield’s Warhammer (1200g) + Last Whisper (1300g) + 500g
  • 40 Attack Damage
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • 30% Armor Penetration
  • UNIQUE – Bitter Cold: Dealing ability damage slows affected units by 30% for 1 second.

Calling all Assassins, Fighters, and even Marksmen who don’t need Grievous Wounds! Serylda’s Grudge will allow your abilities to apply a slow and is perfect for forcing your fast-moving enemies to slow their roll.

Staff of Flowing Water
  • Total Cost: 2500g
    • Builds from Fiendish Codex (1000g) + Lost Chapter (1050g) + 450g
  • 65 Ability Power
  • 350 Mana
  • 20 Ability Haste
  • PASSIVE – Rapids: Healing or shielding an ally grants you and them 20 Ability Haste speed and 20 − 40 (based on target’s level) ability power for 4 seconds.

This is all about amplifying your allies who care more about their spells than their bows. Think of this as the Ardent Censer for your team’s Mage! Each time you heal or shield an ally, you both gain Ability Power and Ability Haste for a few seconds.

Wit’s End
  • Total Cost: 2700g
    • Recurve Bow (900g) + Negatron Cloak (900g) + 900g
  • 45% Attack Speed
  • 50 Magic Resist
  • PASSIVE – At Wit’s End: Basic attacks deal 15 − 80 (based on level) bonus magic damage on-hit. While below 50% health, dealing damage to an enemy champion heals you for (Melee:100% / Ranged: 33%) of this effect’s post-mitigation damage.

Players looking to build Attack Speed without Critical Rate have been brought to their wit’s end when it comes to dealing with magic damage. This item can help players level the playing field. Wit’s End bundles Attack Speed and Magic Resist, along with some bonus damage on every hit while providing healing when you need it most.

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