Why These Video Game-Themed Slot Games Are So Popular

The Most Popular Video Game-Themed Slots among Gambling Fans

Without any doubt, slots are the most popular casino game of all. Apart from high RTP, people like them because of their simplicity and low requirements in terms of financial investments. With a couple of dollars, you can start your slot gaming journey and get excellent rewards if you have luck. More playing does not necessarily raise your chances of winning, so we suggest you play this game with a high level of self-control. Popular video game

There is a good reason why we say this. It is not about money at all. Slots are very interesting to play. They come with different symbols, variations, and THEMES. Themes are something we would like to discuss in this article. According to our research, video game-themed slots are the most entertaining ones for people.

But are they all equally good? The answer to that question is NO. Because of that, we decided to highlight the most interesting ones for you. Let’s go!

The Selection of Slots Should Not Be Based Only on Theme

This is one of the things you need to have in mind! We do understand that video game-themed slots attract you to play. But that should not be the only feature to put into consideration. You also need to know more information about the RTP percentage as well as the random reel modifier mechanic that stands behind the game.

All this information is present online; your task is to research them. If you want to hear a professional opinion, then we suggest you pay attention to options from Megaways. It is a pretty good subcategory of slot games!

After we made everything clear, let’s move to the main point!


This casino game is developed by Microgaming which automatically confirms its quality. You will get the chance to play the game with 15 different pay lines. It may seem impossible at first, but people can land up to 270 thousand coins. Thanks to the opportunity to pick the targets and weapons alone, players can somehow influence the outcome of each spin they make.

Just like the well-known Hitman game, these slots are user-friendly, and people can play them on their smartphones and PC/laptop devices as well. Things become even more entertaining when you get free spins. Thanks to the bonus features that come with this game, the players can ensure themselves up to 18 free spins at once.

Street Fighter

This game may not be too familiar to the younger generations. The original version of this game was released in 1987. All the people that grew up during the 90s are still in love with this game and it brings some sense of nostalgia.

Thanks to software developing companies, you can now find Street Fighter-themed slots as well. Just like in the original game, the gamblers can pick the character they want to use. The minimal bet for each line is 0.01 dollars. But, if you are a person with a stronger budget, each line can be worth up to 20 dollars.

Seeing the logo of the game is something that should cause a smile to your face. The more you collect them, the better reward you will get.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a video game with a long tradition. Even today, people are gladly playing it on their desktop and smartphone devices. We didn’t want to mention PlayStations because it is unclear whether the newest version of the game will be available for these devices. Currently, the answer from Microsoft is YES, but we are yet to see whether that is true or not.

Anyway, speaking of CoD-themed slot games, they are pretty interesting. You will see all the elements present in the original game. Because of that, if you have been a big fan of this game for many years, then choosing this slot variant would be the best thing you can do.

Resident Evil

Last but not least – Resident Evil. Do you like horror games? Well, this option will be amazing for you! The original Resident Evil game was released in 1996. All the characters and wilds present in the slot game are those that you can find in the original game as well.

A lot of scary sounds are waiting for you while playing this game, so be sure a wonderful and entertaining experience is guaranteed.


Zuma was a viral game in the early 00s. Many people will also experience a sense of nostalgia when reading the name of this game. For those that do not know, this game was pretty simple. You have a frog in the middle of the screen surrounded by differently colored balls. Your task is to use the ball that is in the frog’s mouth and hit the balls that are colored the same way.

The slot version does not come with balls, but it does come with many poker symbols. According to our research, the RTP of the game is around 96%. That means your chances of winning are pretty high. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines.


These are some of the most popular video game-themed slots. As we said, they are all entertaining but do not use that as the only relevant feature when looking for the best option. Check out the software, random number generator, RTP, and other relevant characteristics.

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