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Why is the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 a very promising tournament?

Why is the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022 a very promising tournament?

The Blast Premier Fall Finals 2022 will be the first relevant tournament after the Rio Major, so high-level Counter-Strike doesn’t end at the Major! The Fall Finals will start on the 23rd of November and conclude on the 27th. Let’s find out why fans have high hopes for this event!

Only Top 10 Ranked Teams Have Qualified

CSGO betting fans can expect a fantastic show in BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2022. The tournament will deliver the highest level of Counter-Strike, as all the six teams that have qualified for the event are ranked within the Top 10 teams worldwide! The tournament features no weak teams, as all the competitors stand at the top of the CSGO world. This tournament is perfect for people who want to learn how to bet on CSGO, as the quality of the participants is top-notch. Not to mention that Team Vitality and Astralis, ranked fourth and fifth in the world, respectively, will still have a chance to join their fellow teams in the Fall Finals and make CSGO bets throughout this event super interesting.

Courtesy HLTV

Astralis and Vitality will fight in the Showdown for the remaining two slots in the Fall Finals. If both teams can make it, then all eight teams participating in the tournament will be included in the list of the ten best teams in the world, which is not something you see every day in the betting CSGO world!

BLAST Premier Fall Finals Will be Held in the Royal Arena

The venue for this tournament has already been decided and will take place in the massive Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is known to have a considerable fanbase for CSGO, so we can expect to see a packed crowd watching the tournament live in the venue!

Courtesy ArchDaily

The stadium has a capacity of up to 12,500 people, and the tickets can be expected to sell out completely! Whether or not you’re an Astralis fan, Astralis making it into the tournament will create impeccable hype as they can play in front of their home crowd. Don’t we love to hear crowds roar for their home teams?

BLAST Premier Copenhagen 2018 and BLAST Premier Copenhagen 2019 were both hosted in the Royal Arena, and both tournaments have found fantastic success despite the prize pool only being $250,000. This time, the BLAST Premier Fall Finals will be distributing a prize pool of $425,000, so the stakes and hype are higher!

The BLAST Crew is Known to Have Amazing Production

Any active CSGO betting player or fan will know that BLAST never disappoints with its production game. CSGO fans consider BLAST to have the cleanest overlay, which makes it incredibly easy for the eye to understand the screen. The BLAST production crew is notoriously known never to miss any replays, so betting CSGO viewers can be ensured not to miss any kill that wasn’t caught on live camera.

As tournament organizers, BLAST ensures that all its viewers are entertained throughout the live stream. They never disappoint by producing unique and fun content that is played during half-time or pre-match breaks. Content such as CSGO Wordle, BLAST Fall Games, Higher or Lower, and more will keep fans engaged throughout the event.

The majority of avid CSGO viewers can all agree that BLAST Premier provides high-quality production. For many community members, BLAST hosts the best non-major CSGO tournaments compared to other CSGO tournament organizers based on raw quality and content.

The Winner of BLAST Premier Fall Finals Will Qualify for the Blast Premier World Final

The tournament’s winner won’t only win the title and a cool-looking trophy but will also be directly qualified for the Blast Premier World Final, the final tournament of BLAST Premier’s yearly competitive season.

Courtesy BLAST Premier Twitter

The Blast Premier World Final is a tournament that will feature one million dollars in the prize pool, so it can already be seen how high the stakes will be for the last tournament of the BLAST Premier season. It’s also worth mentioning that the prize pool is double what the BLAST Premier Spring Finals offers!

Teams who do not receive a direct invite to the World Final will have to undergo the difficult qualification process, as all other top teams will be hungry to secure their spot in the event. Winning the Fall Finals will give the winning team a sigh of relief as they can watch the bloodbath that is bound to happen in the qualifiers from a distance.


In conclusion, CSGO viewers can expect high-quality matches in the Blast Premier Fall Finals regardless of which two teams make it out of the qualifiers. We’ll be treated with back-to-back Tier 1 Counter-Strike as this tournament will happen shortly after the Rio Major. The BLAST Premier Fall Finals is also an excellent place to start for anyone looking to try out CSGO betting!

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