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Update: Why God Particles Disqualified from VCC 2022 in a Match against Khumbu Esports?

Why God Particles Disqualified from VCC 2022 against Khumbu Esports

Why God Particles Disqualified from VCC 2022 in a Match against Khumbu Esports?: Day 2 of Valorant Conquerors Championship finally ended with lots of turnaround events. In the first match of the day, Engima Gaming tore apart Team Exploit from Pakistan to make their way to the semifinals. In the second match, we witnessed Valo-Classico as two best of South Asian Teams engage in popular Valorant rivalry. Velocity gaming ultimately shut down mighty Global Esports in B03, taking a 2-1 victory. Throughout the match, Skrossi from GE, and Deathmaker from VLT were the center of attention coz of their Insane frags.

Moreover, the Third and Final match of the day ended with some unexpected turnout as the God Particles got disqualified from the entire VCC 2022 due to exploiting Haven Radianite box jump through glide. This occurred on the first map of Haven, You can watch it at 6:02:00 in the stream where Knightrider was on top of Site C radianite boxes without consuming his updrafts.

According to the Riot rulebook, using this exploit is banned and individuals should refrain from using it. However, his team was unable to secure a map and Khumbu emerged victoriously on the map of Haven. Nodwin announced Godparticles disqualification while they defeated Khumbu on the map of breeze and settle the score as 1-1. In a similar event, OG Brudder faced straight disqualification from VCT MY/SG Qualifiers for exploiting the same bug.

Valorant Fans are considering this Rule to be Harsh

Many fans arguing that Riot this decision is a bit harsh and unethical since most of the players have used this exploit in bigger stages like VCT masters or even Champions. Most of Jett mains climb there to gain strategic advantage over the enemy while sniping in normal rank matches also.

But it’s also worth noting that climbing over Radianite boxes isn’t an easy task; many players build up and practice to glide through it, raising the question of whether it’s an exploit or a skill.

Update: After careful consideration, Nodwin Gaming has decided to continue the third map tomorrow at 12:00 PM, as reported by Asetite from Khumbu Esports. However, it has not been determined whether it will include a penalty or not.

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