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When is GTA VI coming? Release Date, Everything we know about the game so far

When is GTA VI coming? Release Date, Everything we know about the game so far Grand Theft Auto VI

When is GTA VI coming? Release Date, Everything we know about the game so far. The next-generation consoles and PC version of Grand Theft Auto VI are expected to release at some point in the future. But are we actually sure that the next-gen console version is in development? GTA VI release date

Grand Theft Auto VI has been pretty much confirmed by now, but a report by Kotaku has revealed that the game director has already outlined plans for the follow-up title. Thus, Rockstar at least is involved in the production process. Furthermore, there are plenty of rumors that suggest they might be further along than previously expected. The following is everything we know about Grand Theft Auto VI so far

GTA VI release date

Several rumors are circulating about Grand Theft Auto VI and if it’ll come out in time for the next generation of consoles. Considering recent developments, we may not see Grand Theft Auto VI for at least another few years. 

In a 10-K SEC filing, VentureBeat reported Take-Two’s plans for its business over the next five years, in which it reveals its intention to spend $89 million on marketing between April 2023 and March 2024. The amount is over half of every marketing budget expected over the next decade. GTA VI release date

There’s a good chance we’ll have Grand Theft Auto VI within the middle window of April 2023 to March 2024, which should be after the next-gen consoles have matured a bit. The above is still just an estimate, and things can change between now and then.

Even though we’re going to wait a while to hear anything about the game, most of the major Summer events have already passed. Considering the Xbox Series X debuted at last year’s Game Awards, we might hear something similar this year.

It’s possible that we’ll hear more on GTA 6’s appearance soon, as the Rockstar Support account replied to a fan about it, saying, “There is no word on the subject yet. Keep an eye on Rockstar Newswire for official updates.”

A Reddit user has speculated that we might get a GTA 6 Superbowl commercial, but that theory relies on a link to the Weeknd’s music video featuring billboards with random text. The billboards in the story were actually displaying “GTA 6 Trailer” but in reality, the text was actually material from reader comments.

While there is still no new information about GTA 6, a new Rockstar website popped up as a way to look for news. However, the page is blank, and desperately staring at a blank page won’t increase the likelihood of news. People speculate that Rockstar might be nearing the finish line of GTA 6, but that is unlikely since the team is looking for testers. GTA VI release date

Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay

So far, we do not have any specific information on what to expect, but it’s hard to imagine much changing compared to the traditional Grand Theft Auto gameplay. The major changes that we expect to see in Grand Theft Auto VI are minor tweaks to make the game movement and gameplay feel more natural.

GTA V has a lot of problems with its gameplay, namely how realistic the game is and how unrealistic it is because of it. The movement is sluggish in Grand Theft Auto V, which is frustrating when you have to perform fast-paced combat. It’s great when exploring the city streets, though. GTA VI needs to figure out what it wants to be.

Grand Theft Auto VI could also see improvements in every other aspect of its gameplay, but we imagine the biggest improvement will likely be a much smoother gaming experience.

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