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Clash Royale champions: What are the Champion Cards in Clash Royale?

What are the Champion Cards in Clash Royale?

Champion Card is a kind of clash royale card that is released in the November 2021 Update. It contains 3 different kinds of cards named Archer Queen, Skeleton King, and Golden Knight. You can open the champion cards at King Tower Level 14. Champion Cards are also can be used in all kinds of Battles and Challenges.

How can we use Clash Royale Champion Cards?

Champion Cards have some special abilities. you can give them the ability by spending an elixir. The abilities are available as long as the Clash Royale champions are alive. champion cards are available from level 11. you can just pick one champion card in your deck.

What is the champion cards’ ability?

All 3 Champion Cards have an ability, if you want to see a description for all abilities, check these tips :

Archer Queen: The ability for this kind of champion card is named ‘ Cloaking Cape ‘. When you apply this ability on Archer Queen, it goes invisible for 3 seconds and the enemy unable to damage it also its fire rate and overall damage will be increase. it needs 1 elixir to be applied.

Skeleton King: This is named Soul Summoning. Every troop that dies on the field will give the Skeleton King a soul, collected in a bar above him. When activated, he summons Skeletons depending on the number of souls he collected, with a maximum of 20 Skeletons and a minimum of 6 Skeletons. You need to spend 2 elixirs to be applied.

Golden Knight: Dashing Dash is an ability for this Champion Card. When you activate this ability on the Golden Knight, it runs until it detects an enemy, which it will dash through alongside other nearby enemies, with a maximum of 10 times. It costs 1 Elixir to be applied.

How can we Find Champion Cards?

Champion Cards have the same chance of being found in a chest as the Legendary Cards Drop rate before the update of King Tower Level 14. The Royal Wild Chest is a chest that gives Wild Cards and a guaranteed Champion (only at King Tower Level 14) and is found in the King’s Journey Arena, the free side of Pass Royale, Chest Cycles, or the Shop.

Clash Royale champions: What are the Champion Cards in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale champions (Image via Supercell)

What is the best strategy For using Champion Cards?

We have lots of good strategies for using champion cards but we give you the only selected strategy chosen by our team. if need our recommended strategy, so please follow this content :

Archer Queen Strategy: The Archer Queen, combined with its ability, is excellent at destroying any single unit when placed 5 tiles from the bridge and 3 tiles from the river, as demonstrated in its in-game cards demo against a P.E.K.K.A. The ability should be used when the unit is roughly 1 second from hitting the Archer Queen.

Skeleton King Strategy: The Skeleton King is an excellent defensive card, owing to its splash damage, good HP, and ability to get stronger as opposing units fall. Place it behind other friendly units on defense, then cast Soul Summoning once those units are defeated to summon a second defensive layer out of nowhere. This is especially strong if the enemy’s units lock on to the Skeleton King, as it will naturally tank for its summoned Skeletons and any other defending units the player has down.

Golden Knight Strategy: The Golden Knight is unique in the fact that it can dash onto multiple targets, like a Knight and Tower, and still attack the original target. Because of this, it can be hard to defend against. For example, if a Valkyrie is approaching a tower, the defender will use a Knight to avoid all damage, but if a Golden Knight is approaching and the defender places a Knight close to the tower, it will dash onto the tower, making the defenseless valuable

How can we buy a clash royale account with Champion Cards?

GameStores is a safe marketplace for buying clash royale accounts. You can make purchases easier for any type of clash royale account in King Tower 9 to 14. All clash royale accounts are fully secured and legit. You can trust us one time and have a good experience on your playing clash royale.

Clash Royale Champions

Cards for Clash Royale champions were added to the game during the November 2021 update. These cards feature mainly three different champions within the game, namely the Archer Queen, Golden Knight, and the Skeleton King. Players can have access to these cards for Clash Royale champions only when their King Tower reaches Level 14. The Clash Royale champion cards come with their own set of special abilities. Each ability can be used as long as the Clash Royale champions are alive. Players can only select one champion card in their deck at a time. These champion cards become available after players reach Level 11.

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