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Two Vietnamese Teams Backs Out From LOL World Championship 2020

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The “League of Legends” S10 World Championship is about to start in Shanghai, China, but shocking news came out today. Due to the severe Wuhan pneumonia epidemic and the impact of Vietnam’s local policies, the Vietnamese VCS team will not be able to participate in this year’s World Championship.

According to a report from the Vietnamese e-sports media “GameVN”, the two teams that will represent the Vietnam VCS competition area will not be able to compete as scheduled. The main reason is naturally due to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic. They said in an exclusive report: “According to the latest news, There is a 99% chance that the Vietnam team will not be able to ─ more accurately not allowed to participate in the biggest tournament in 2020.”

“Riot Games and Garena Vietnam have both tried their best to find a way to Help these two VCS teams participate in the S10 World Series, but it seems that there is no room for a turnaround at the moment. ” The main reason for this situation is that the Vietnamese authorities have taken very strict measures against the epidemic.

Since the closure of the border in late MarchVietnam has accidentally triggered a wave of smuggling. 70% of the smugglers are Chinese. Many smugglers tested positive after isolation. And the total number of confirmed cases in Vietnam exceeded 1,000 in mid-August.

In order to ensure the requirements for preventing the spread of the disease, many Vietnamese returning from overseas must stay in the quarantine centre for several months. Therefore, if the two teams want to participate in the championship. There is no problem at all to enter Shanghai and play the game, but if they want to return to the country, it will be difficult, so in the end, they decided to stay in China and abandon this game.

In addition, they also mentioned that Riot Games will not find another team to replace the Vietnam team. It will compete with 22 teams. The team has not officially announced any news. If there is an update in the future, it will continue to report to you.

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