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Vietnamese Player Nomsenpai Banned for one Year for Cheating in Official VCT 2022 Match

Vietnamese Player Nomsenpai Banned Ice Cee Jay Too

After cheating during a VALORANT Champions Tour match, a professional VALORANT player has been suspended. Due to an incident on Haven during the VCT 2022 State One: Vietnam Open Qualifiers, Vietnamese player Tt Cm “Nomsenpai” Khôn has been banned for one year, and his team, Ice Cee Jay Too, has been excluded from the VCT APAC 2022.

Cheating in any VALORANT queue is against the rules of competitive play and is unsportsmanlike. The competitive integrity of our competitions is a primary concern for VALORANT Esports, and we take this responsibility extremely seriously. As Vanguard improves, Riot’s capacity to identify cheating in VALORANT improves as well. Professional players are susceptible to higher penalties if detected cheating, despite the fact that all players are expected to follow the rules of fair play. Riot stated this in their Blogspot.

When Nomsenpai’s team was ahead 12-9 against Haven in the Vietnam Open Qualifiers, he was caught hacking. In this clip, he enters the garage and encounters the opposing Jett, who throws down Cloudburst in order to flee. Nomsenpai then tries to shoot Jett as he flees, but his crosshair flies to Astra at C link, which should have been impossible given she was still entirely hidden undercover. Nomsenpai keeps shooting and tracing Astra behind the wall, which is an obvious red flag.

Vietnamese Player Nomsenpai Banned for one Year for Cheating in Official VCT Match

Riot Games declared in an official statement that Nomsenpai had broken section 7.2.5 of the VALORANT Champions Tour guideline. 7.2.5 declares: “Cheating is not permitted. It is forbidden for a team or a team member to medicate the VALORANT game client. Cheating is defined as the use of any form of cheating equipment or program.”

As the evidence against Nomsenpai grew, Riot Games decided to look into the situation. Of course, cheating is against the rules. Riot Games announced that Nomsenpai will be banned from Riot tournaments beginning January 26 and lasting until 2023 after reviewing the video and other evidence. Ice Cee Jay Too will not be able to compete until the VCT Circuit’s Stage Two in 2022.

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