Verizon announced partnerships with Riot, EA, Dignitas, Team Liquid for promoting 5G in gaming

verizon annoucement
verizon annoucement

Verizon Announced Partnerships With Riot, EA, Dignitas, Team Liquid for Promoting 5G in gaming. The Future of Gaming conference, hosted by Verizon, was the company’s debut attendance at E3. They discussed 5G technology and how its capabilities affect video games in terms of reduced latency, speeds, and its usefulness for esports or cybersports during the event.

They also unveiled a handful of new projects to boost the female presence in video games, both in-game production and in gaming, at the conference, which was delivered by Marketing Director Diego Scotti and Product Development Director Nicki Palmer. a scenario of professional gamers

Verizon Announced Partnerships: The company stated that its new 5G ultra-wideband technology, as well as real-time Multiple Access Peripheral Computing (MEC), will have an influence on the entire gaming ecosystem, including developers, esports teams, and all gamers. They collaborate with Electronic Arts, Riot Games, Dignitas to move this forward.

Team Liquid, a North American esports organization, has announced a multi-year agreement with Verizon Wireless. The operator’s logo will feature on Team Liquid’s uniform as part of the relationship. Verizon has also been designated as the organization’s official 5G partner.

This invention will improve the gaming experience by eliminating latency, reducing frame-per-second decreases, speeding up load times, and providing high-definition images. Virtual reality and augmented reality games, as well as mobile applications, will benefit from technological advancements.

Major publishers like EA and Activision are bringing large franchises like Madden, FIFA, and Call of Duty to mobile as part of their core AAA release schedule plans in 2021, making mobile gaming more popular than ever. This is because of the rapidly increasing technology that has brought mobile gaming up to pace with the seventh home console generation, not merely because of the large player bases and revenues that mobile games draw.

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