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VCT Masters 2022 Playoffs: Paper rex Defeated NA Top Seeded Team The Guard in Lower Bracket

VCT Masters 2022 Playoffs: Paper rex Defeated NA Top Team The Guard

Paper rex Defeated The Guard in a two-map series in the lower bracket of the VCT Masters Reykjavk today to advance in the competition and send the number one seed out of North America. The Guard, who won the first North American stage, was one of the numerous teams to qualify for the main event through the open qualifiers. The Guard and OpTic were both representing North America at VCT Masters Reykjavk. Since The Guard has already been released, Optic stands out as the sole survivor. VCT Masters 2022 Playoffs

Map 1: Haven

On the NA top seed’s Haven selection, Paper Rex caught The Guard off guard early, jumping out to a 6-1 lead. Jinggg led the attack for Paper Rex early on, collecting 7 kills in the first two rounds. Even from a 1v2 position towards the finish, momentum swung back and forth,  with f0rsakeN 4k clutch. JonahP quickly followed with a 4k of his own, putting Paper Rex in the final round of the half without a full buy. Despite this, Benkai scores a vital flanker to put Paper Rex up 8-4 at halftime.

Paper Rex extended their advantage to 11-4 before The Guard began to string together rounds, but Jinggg sprung a trap at A main to make the score 12-8. The Guard fought back, but a f0rsaken Op collateral put an end to the comeback, and Paper Rex won 13-10 on Haven.


Paper Rex breezed through the first pistol of Split, picking up four picks and planting with ease. In the series, the Guard had yet to win a pistol round, which was costing them early leads in every half. In the first half, Split was a back-and-forth battle. Both teams traded unusual rounds and clutched the route to a 6-6 halftime deadlock, which was completed by a Jinggg ace on Raze. VCT Masters 2022 Playoffs Paper rex Defeated The Guard

After switching to defence, Paper Rex began to pull away, employing unusual angles and aggressive early-round pushes to often catch The Guard off guard. Paper Rex won the map with a comfortable score of 13-8, claiming the series in two maps.

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