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VCT LOCK//IN Semifinals Day 1: LOUD beats DRX, becomes the first team to reach VCT LOCK//IN Grand Finals


VCT LOCK//IN Semifinals Day 1: LOUD beats DRX, becomes the first team to reach VCT LOCK//IN Grand Finals – The VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo tournament has been highly exciting. 32 teams from different regions competed against each other and we are now left with only the top 4 ones. Today, the first semifinals between the two Alpha Bracket teams, LOUD and DRX, took place. It was the American representatives that came out victorious in a close series and captured the Grand Finals spot. Here is a recap of the VCT LOCK//IN Semifinals Day 1.

VCT LOCK//IN Semifinals Day 1: LOUD beats DRX, becomes the first team to reach VCT LOCK//IN  Grand Finals

first map – pearl

LOUD’s momentum looked unstoppable as they secured Pearl to get a lead in the series. In the first half, they secured a 9-3 round score against DRX. The second half had a similar story as LOUD took 4 rounds against DRX’s 2, giving them a 13-5 victory score.

second map – icebox

LOUD also gained a similar 9-3 round score in the first half of Icebox. While DRX tried to turn the game in the second half, it was not enough. LOUD took this map with a 13-8 round score to get a 2-0 lead in the series.

third map – split

Being at the cusp of elimination, DRX finally showed peak VALORANT gameplay. They made a comeback in Split with a dominant 9-3 round score in the first half, followed by a 4-4 in the second half. With a 13-7 score, DRX won their first map, making it a 2-1 score in the series.

fourth map – fracture

Both teams were equally dominant in the first half, making it a 6-6 round score at Fracture. But DRX had more in their inventory. In the second half, they got a 7-1 round score and won the map to equalize the series 2-2. The series culminated into the decider fifth map where the first grand finalist was decided.

fifth map – ascent

We saw some amazing plays from both LOUD and DRX in Ascent. The American representatives had a slight lead in the first half as they got a 7-5 round score. DRX tried their best to make a comeback in the second half but they were denied. LOUD got a 13-8 score to secure the map and the series.

LOUD keeps alive their hope of lifting the VCT LOCK//IN trophy in São Paulo. Moving to the Grand Finals, they might become the first team to lift two international VCT titles.

DRX had a great showing but their journey in the tournament ends here. The second semifinals between Fnatic and Natus Vincere will begin at 10:30 PM IST on March 3 (today).

Stay tuned with us to get the latest updates from the ongoing VCT LOCK//IN in São Paulo, Brazil.

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