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VCT LOCK/IN Brazil: Know Schedule, Tickets Price, and Where to get Tickets

VCT LOCK/IN Brazil: Know Schedule and Where to get Tickets

VCT LOCK/IN Brazil: Know Schedule, Tickets Price, and Where to get Tickets – The Valorant Champions Tour’s VCT LOCK/IN opening tournament will take place at the 10,000-seat Ginásio do Ibirapuera arena in So Paulo, Brazil, according to new information from Riot Games. Every partnered team from the Americas, Pacific, and EMEA VCT Leagues will compete in Brazil, the opening event of the 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour. Qualified teams will participate from February 13 through March 4 at the biggest event in VALORANT history, ushering in a new age of esport. VCT LOCK/IN Brazil

There will be a live audience present for the entire event, which will take place at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera in So Paulo. Tickets for general admission will go on sale on Tuesday, December 13 at 8 a.m. Pacific Time.

VCT LOCK/IN Brazil Schedule

All 30 partnered teams will come together for the largest tournament Riot Games has ever created for the 2023 Valorant season’s first event. To showcase their new rosters, all 30 teams will travel from their prospective zones. VCT LOCK/IN Brazil

  • Monday, Feb 13 – Match Day
  • Tuesday, Feb 14 – Match Day
  • Wednesday, Feb 15 – Match Day
  • Thursday, Feb 16 – Dark Day
  • Friday, Feb 17- Match Day
  • Saturday, Feb 18 – Match Day
  • Sunday, Feb 19 – Match Day
  • Monday, Feb 20 – Dark Day
  • Tuesday, Feb 21 – Dark Day
  • Wednesday, Feb 22 – Match Day
  • Thursday, Feb 23 – Match Day
  • Friday, Feb 24 – Match Day
  • Saturday, Feb 25 – Match Day
  • Sunday, Feb 26- Match Day
  • Monday, Feb 27- Match Day
  • Tuesday, Feb 28 – Dark Day
  • Wednesday, Mar 1 – Dark Day
  • Thursday, Mar 2 – Match Day
  • Friday, Mar 3 – Semifinals
  • Saturday, Mar 4 – Finals

Those teams will have an opportunity to shine on a global platform at the VCT LOCK/IN event while their organization prepares accommodation and infrastructure in the location where their league is based for the upcoming tournament split. After a split of competitions in the summer, the VCT Masters will be held in June 2023, and the tournament winner will also earn their regional league an additional spot there.

Where to get Tickets?

Worldwide sales of the event’s tickets will be conducted by Ticket360. To buy tickets for LOCK/IN, go to A maximum of 4 tickets may be purchased per show day.

  • Weekdays:
    • R$ 90 Student Discount: R$ 45 US Dollar $ 16.79
  • Weekends:
    • R$ 110 Student Discount: R$ 55 US Dollar $ 20.53
  • Finals:
    • R$ 110 Student Discount: R$ 55 US Dollar $ 20.53
  • Grand Finals:
    • Upper Bowl R$130 Student Discount: R$ 65 US Dollar $ 24.00
    • Lower Bowl: R$ 150 Student Discount: R$ 75 US Dollar $ 27.99

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