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VCT APAC 2022 Challengers: Velocity Gaming Starts their Campaign with Win Over Oblivion Force

VCT APAC 2022 Challengers: Velocity Gaming Defeated Oblivion Gaming

After the sad loss of Global Esports, the final match of the first day of the VCT 2022 APAC challengers – groups stages finally puts a smile on Indians fans’ faces. OblivionForce, Hong Kong Taiwan’s highest seeded squad, was defeated 2-0 by Velocity Gaming. With their triumph, Velocity Gaming has demonstrated that they are not a team to be taken lightly. Velocity Gaming will meet the winner of Fullsense vs. South Built Esports on March 20th. Velocity gaming is just one game away from making the playoffs. VCT APAC 2022 Challengers Oblivion Force

Velocity Gaming chose Icebox as their map, while OF chose Ascent, and Haven was the decider. It was fascinating to observe how Breeze was banned by Velocity Gaming despite dominating domestic matches. Kayo was also a great decision, as its utility later in the map proved to be a game changer.


Velocity was about to lose the pistol round, but Deathmaker’s stunning four kills with Ghost saved it. After thoroughly penetrating OF’s defence, the switch resulted in a 10-2 victory for Velocity gaming. VLT appeared to have a clear map win, but Opponent Jett broke the aim lead, leaving them stranded at 9-10 at one point. Deathmaker shines once more for his team, leading them to triumph in the next round. After exchanging one more round, VLT chose to close up and secure the first map with a 13-10 score.


Ascent had been chosen by the Oblivion Force. Velocity’s performance on the Ascent map has been poor in the past when compared to other maps. Velocity had previously avoided Ascent’s map, thus it was evident that OF wanted to make the most of the situation. However, obvllion found it tough to mid lurk and enter through mains due to Velocity’s rapid instant back and forth trades. VLT leads 7-5 at halftime because to a remarkable Ace from the Hellff sides. The fight remained close even after halftime, with both sides securing rounds in a back-and-forth fashion. Velocity finally won the Ascent 13-10 map and proceeded to the next round of the tournament.

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