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VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: Team Envy wins the third match of day 2 with a score of 2-0

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: Team Envy wins the third match of day 2 with a score of 2-0

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: Team Envy wins the third match of day 2 with a score of 2-0. The third match on day 2 was to be played between the NA team Envy and Brazilian Vivo Keyd. We already had our hopes high from this match and it really stood up to the expectations. Neither of the teams was willing to step back. If one went up, the other made sure to catch up in any manner. This is why we saw comebacks after comebacks. Even the first match point in Berlin was to be witnessed in the first map today. Overall this was one of the closest games played till now in Masters Berlin. Team Envy eventually wins with a 2-0 overall score.

Map VETO: 

  • Vivo Keyd Bans Haven
  • Envy bans Breeze
  • Map 1 – Icebox – Envy on defense
  • Map 2 -Bind – Vivo Keyd defense
  • Map 3 – Split – Envy defense

Map 1: Icebox

Team VK took charge and won the pistol round. Things were going in their favor and they took a good lead with the score being 7-1 after some time. This was a pivot point, however, from where team Envy started to make a comeback. At the end of the first half, the score became 8-4 which is much better given the poor start that Envy had. VK Murizzplaying Reyna was the top fragger with 15 kills.

The second half also started with VK winning the pistol round. But that was it. Envy had enough. They won the next round in an eco and then there was no stopping. Rounds after rounds brought the scoreline to 10-9. Given the play style, we anticipated Envy to easily equalize and even take the lead in the next few rounds. And that’s exactly what happened. That’s where we get to see the first overtime of Masters Berlin. None of the team give up. Another overtime later and after the end of the 28th round, we get team Envy winning the game.

Map 2: Bind

We are aware that Bind could be called the best map for Envy. They won the pistol round and took the score to 5-0 position. Vivo Keyd is no stranger to comebacks either. They started showing resistance and counter played on the defense pretty well. It was like they studied Envy for the first 5 rounds and then anticipated every single move of theirs. Rounds after rounds for the defenders, we get a score of 7-5 at the end of the first half.

VK wins the pistol and subsequent round to equalize the score at 7-7. VK heat, the Jett dominating the chart with 18 kills and an ACS of 372, which was 178 points above the second player of the chart. This just shows how crucial the player is for the team. Moving back to the game. A few rounds later we get Envy to take a two-point lead to get to 11-9.

Now it was important to stop Envy from getting to the match point, but VK had three players on eco which almost made it certain that Envy will touch that 12 point mark. They did it, they did it quite smoothly. There we have the match point. Last round down to a 1v3 position where V1xen was all alone in the deserts of Bind. A final operator to end the match Victory for team Envy with the final score of 12-9 at VCT 2021 Masters Berlin Day 3 match 3.

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