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VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: Sentinels tasted their First LAN defeat by 2-0 against G2


After early defeat from the hand of Sentinels, G2 esports is all set to make the score even against sentinels. Although, both teams are already qualified for playoffs of VCT 2021 stage 3 Masters Berlin. Here, we are presenting you match wise details:


G2 started their own pick as attackers’ side, Sentinels have previously suffered loss from sides of G2 in the same map. G2 was completely dominant from start, taking early control of sites. Sentinels have to wait for 7 rounds to open their account of rounds, thanks to Shahzam Bladestrom picks and sick 1v2 clutch.

Sentinels were clueless against keloqz with his operator. There was a moment in the 11th round where G2 outsmarted sentinels with fake viper’s pit. After the end of half time score was 9-3 in favor of G2 esports in VCT 2021 Masters Berlin.

Fans were expecting a comeback from sides of Sentinels since they had pulled a lot of comebacks in the past like this. But G2 had different plans, they don’t wanna give sentinels even a single chance to come back. The second half, not came with what sentinels fans were expecting and g2 esports sealed the first map with a score of 12-4 against mighty sentinels.

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G2 were assigned roles of defenders in the first half. Sentinels started their map on attacking A sides with a pistol but nukkye 2 quick picks make a complete disadvantage for Sentinels. G2 had every answer of Sentinels offense, we have also witnessed ACE from the sides of Tenz on the B side. After the first half score was 8-4, which was pretty fair considering Split is defenders favored map.

After the swap, Sentinels turn around the game by winning 6 back-to-back rounds in their favor and make a lead by scoring 10-8. But G2 had different plans faking B side to A then again to B side was completely unexpected by Sentinels. G2 esports make composer and turn this map in their favor. With this win G2 esports become the first team in the world to defeat Sentinels on the LAN and making a statement to others.

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