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VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: KRU Esports steals the match from Vivo Keyd to enter the playoffs

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: KRU Esports steals the match from Vivo Keyd to enter the playoffs

The last match of VCT 2021 Masters Berlin group B, the decider, was played between KRU Esports and Vivo Keyd. One of these teams would be going ahead into the knockouts and the other would go home. A lot of things were at stake and no team was ready to just give away the win. The result of this fighting spirit was an extremely close match. Although KRU Esports won 2-0, both the maps went just one or two rounds short of overtime. Both the teams reached a double-digit score in both maps.

Map Veto:

  • VK bans Bind
  • KRU bans Breeze
  • VK selects Split, KRU defense
  • KRU selects Haven, VK defense
  • VK selects Icebox, KRU defense

Map 1: Split

KRU enjoys a good start with winning the pistol and the semi-buy round as well. An incredible 3k with the paint shell is seen in the second round. After this, we had many back and forth rounds where none of the teams are letting the other stay consistent. They are giving each other a hard time. Through the trouble, KRU was able to secure the final two rounds of the half to end at a slightly better position of 7-5.

Once again the first two rounds are taken control of by KRU Esports. Now they have a good 4 round lead to work upon. Yet again we have back and forth rounds, but this time VK fought back really well and somehow managed to get to a score of 9. But KRU was not sitting silent, although they could not get continuous rounds, they collected points slowly and steadily and before we knew it, they were at match point. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

VK tried their level best to catch the train, and as mentioned earlier, they almost took the map to overtime. Unfortunately, they fell short at 11 rounds, and then KRU won their thirteenth round to secure a win in the first map.

Map 2: Haven

KRU Esports had already shown their superiority in the pistol rounds, and they carried that reputation in the second map as well. We see a score of 3-1 coming up after the first four rounds. However, VK took charge from this point onwards, they knew they either won this map to force a decider or go home. Well of course they chose the former. In the remaining 8 rounds of the first half, VK won 7 and KRU only one. 

Things were looking hopeful for VK and if they could perform the same way in the second half, no one was stopping them to force the third map. VK even won the pistol and the consecutive round to take the score to 4-10. But it was time for a comeback. KRU started getting rounds as soon as they got hold of full buys. From 4-10 to 6-10 to 8-10 and to 10-10. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

Everyone loved the way KRU was countering all attacks from VK, but VK also improvised and got to their 11th round win for the map. This was the last round to be won by VK, as KRU got hold of three consecutive rounds to get to the 13 round mark and won the match 2-0. Once again a very close match and a great comeback from KRU helped them get to the playoffs.

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