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VCT 2021 Masters Berlin Semifinals: Gambit Defeated G2 by 2-0 Score, Including historical 13-0 Icebox Win

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin Semifinals: Gambit esports Defeated G2 by 2-0 Score, Including historical 13-0 Icebox Win. Gambit Esports qualified to finals

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin Semifinals: Gambit Defeated G2 by 2-0 Score, Including historical 13-0 Icebox Win. Matches of the Semifinals 1 of VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin finally ended with gambit esports claiming victory over G2 Esports. Gambit esports thrashed g2 esports with a score of 2-0 including the humiliating defeat of 13-0 in the map of Icebox for g2. Here is match wise report:


Map 1 of the game started on Breeze, which was picked by Gambit. G2 was assigned the role of attackers in the first half but failed to make an impact. nAts from gambit esports was cracked with his aim having a Headshot percentage of 41%. Before the first half ended score was 7-5 in favor of Gambit.

After the swap, there were some too forth of rounds but Gambit on their attack were much better than G2 esports. Gambit close the map in their favor with score of 13-10, hatz having a total of 25 kills and 318 ACS score.

map 2: icebox

Map 2 of the game came as a disaster for G2 esports, Nobody could believe that the Team that defeated the mighty sentinels twice in Icebox, could not even stand for a single round against Gambit. Gambit started Icebox as attackers and completely dominant from start, up to 7 round we have seen some fightback from sides of g2 but after that, they were completely clueless, whether aim duels or rotation G2 lacks in every department against Gambit Esports.

After the first half score was 12-0, and an exchange of smiles among Gambit players were evident of getting our first finalist on board, Finally, at 13th round, G2 decided to push B sides as whole teams but failed to break Gambit Barriers and Russian close this match as 13-0, which has not happened earlier in VCT Masters.

With this win, Gambit esports made their way to the finals of  VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin 2021, where they will meet against the winner of 100T vs Envy VCT 2021 Masters Berlin Semifinals.

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