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VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: G2 esports From EU Defeated F4Q esports in Match 2 of Day 1

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: G2 esports From EU Defeated F4Q esports in Match 2 of Day 1

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: G2 esports From EU Defeated F4Q esports in Match 2 of Day 1: Match 2 of Day 1 in VCT Masters Berlin finally concluded with G2 esports from Europe defeated Korean Representation F4Q esports in Bo3 with a Final score of 2-1. Here is match wise highlights and reports


Map 1 of the VCT match 2 started with G2’s pick, which was the map of Ascent. F4Q started as the defender side was unable to stop G2 aggression. In the first half of the match G2 esports completely thrashed F4Q with a massive 11-1 lead. keloqz from G2 esports lead his team way to the site multiple times. No healer in F4Q esports was a big disadvantage to them compare to Skye and Sage in G2 Esports.

In the second half of the game, F4Q esports shown signs of a comeback with 4 back-to-back rounds in their favor and makes scores 11-5. But trailing with such a large margin in the first half was a big hurdle to them. G2 Esports secured the map with further 2 more rounds making a final score of 13-5. keloqz from G2 esports was the top fragger for his team with a total of 18 kills with ACS of 253 and one the other hand Esperanza from F4Q lead his team with 16 kills with ACS of  249.

map 2

Map 2 of the Game started with Bind, which was picked by F4Q. It seemed G2 carried their last game momentum by winning 2 initial rounds as a defender side. But F4Q certainly bounced back and denied a further 7 rounds to G2. After half time F4Q was standing at the score of impressive 8-4, Considering they were attackers on a map of Bind.

In the second half, Despite showing some irregularity in site securing, F4Q finally defeated G2 since they were only 4 rounds away. Fivek from F4q was a top performer for his team with 22 kills and 264 ACS. With this win, G2 and F4Q finally stood at an even 1-1 score and the match was all about to decide through the third and last map.

map 3

This was a Decider map for Both the teams in this Bo3. The third and last map played on Haven. F4Q started confidently by winning the pistol round following by a bonus round as defenders. G2 esports retaliated even harder at the end of the first half, the score was stood at 7-5 in favor of G2 esports.

The second half was more like a roller coaster with both team’s eyes on the first 13 rounds in their pocket. F4Q esports again raised hopes among their fans by winning pistol and bonus round but failed to utilize and end up losing 13-8 to G2.

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