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VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: G2 Esports beat F4Q in round 2 of Group D matches

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: G2 Esports beat F4Q in round 2 of Group D matches. VALORANT CHAMPIONS TOUR STAGE 3 MASTERS BERLIN

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: G2 Esports beat F4Q in round 2 of Group D matches. As other groups end up with the winner’s matches, group D has started with round 2 of double-elimination format. The first game was between G2 Esports and F4Q. Previously, G2 had won the BO3 with a score of 2-1. We were yet to see if they could perform better or perhaps F4Q could turn the tables around this time.

Map Veto: 

  • F4Q bans Icebox [Just like previous time]
  • G2 bans Split [Just like previous time]
  • F4Q selects Bind; G2 Attacks
  • G2 selects Ascent; F4Q defends
  • F4Q selects Haven; G2 defends

After the map veto, it was clear that we are going to have the exact same maps that were played the last time these two teams clashed. F4Q selecting Bind was clever as this was the map in which they were able to bring down G2 the last time.

Map 1: 

The map starts off with G2 on the attack where they are able to win the pistol and the consecutive round to get a 2-0 lead. This was important since the defeat from last time on Bind would have left some marks on the confidence, however, after securing the start this could be easily forgotten as well. F4Q clutches the third round to get a timely defuse and shifts the momentum on their side. They carried it forward to another round where F4Q won a 2v1 fight post-plant to equalize things at 2-2. Well, this was the point from where G2 picked up the pace. They practically lost only and only one round after this to stretch the map to a 13-3 victory. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

M1xwell Keloqz and nuke coordinated flawlessly to not give any retakes on the attack or give any site control on the defense. Again, winning on Bind almost secured a 2-0 win for G2 since they are super comfortable on Ascent, at least against F4Q.

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: G2 Esports beat F4Q in round 2 of Group D matches

Map 2:

F4Q was to defend first on Ascent against G2. The Korean team was in a tough spot as losing this map would make them lose the match and send them out of the tournament for good. They were looking at a do-or-die situation.

Well, G2 was in no mood to empathize with their opponent. We see history repeating itself as G2 wins the pistol round and the next one as well but just like Bind, F4Q fights back and wins the third round to bring the score to 2-1. We again observe a pattern where g2 wins two rounds and F4Q wins one after that. This brings us to a score of 4-2 but soon F4Q seems to break this pattern by wiping out the attackers in the 7th round to make the score 4-3. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

Here’s the problem, we think something happens to F4Q after they get 3 rounds because the score does not seem to move from there onwards. Once again, G2 capitalized on every bit of chance they get and although there were some close rounds, it was G2 getting the round wins in the end. Score at the end of the first half: 9-3. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

Since there’s so much ‘Deja Vu flying around, most people thought this to be over with a score of 13-3 like the previous map. But no, F4Q had to give their best in the last few rounds. They managed to play brilliantly on the attacking side and got 3 rounds where their opponent got only 1. The scoreline was still in favor of G2 however if F4Q could carry forward the streak a comeback was very well possible. But unfortunately, they failed to do so.G2 after a couple of setbacks were back on track and consecutively won three rounds to end this altogether. A final scoreline of 13-6 in which G2 got a 2-0 victory. G2 Nukyye, the sage, becomes the top fragger in the game with over 20 kills.  VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

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