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VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: Day 4 Preview, Matchups, Timings, and where to watch

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: Day 4 Preview, Matchups, Timings, and where to watch. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin Day 4 is here.

VCT 2021 Masters Berlin: Day 4 Preview, Matchups, Timings, and where to watch. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin Day 4 is here. We are again going to have three matches to be played, two of which are going to be the winner’s matches, that means, teams who had won the previous opening matches will be going against each other. This is happening for groups A and B. As of group D, we have Sentinels playing against F4Q in the first round of the double-elimination format. Since the teams from group A and B playing on day 4 have already won their previous matches, we’ll take a look at the exact fashion in which they won their games.

Match 1:13th September,  18:30  IST

Vision Strikers vs Acend

Analyzing their previous games:

  • VS vs PR : 2-0 : 13-9 & 13-11
  • Acend vs SMB : 2-0 : 13-5 & 13-9

Looking at the data, it’s not at all easy to conclude or speculate the dominant team out of the two. This actually makes the games more interesting because everyone is curious to know which one of them might come on top. The map veto is going to be crucial in this match as the team which gets its preferred map in first might have a slight advantage to take the lead and pressurize the opponent. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

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Match 2: 13th September,  21:30  IST

Team Envy vs KRU Esports 

Analyzing their previous games:

  • NV vs KS : 2-0 : 15-13 & 13-9
  • KRU vs Zeta division : 2-1 : 13-8 & 5-13 & 13-7

The journey of these two teams up until now has been similar in their own way. Both the teams have struggled to get a win in the past. Be it playing two overtimes or playing the third map, both these teams have fought till the last point. Let’s see if we could see a three map game with overtimes when these two teams clash to become the top seed in the group. VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

Match 3: 14th September, 00:30 IST 

Sentinels vs F4Q

Now again remember this is group D.This match is the final combination left to play their first games, after this, we’ll have repetition to see who’s on top of the table. Talking about F4Q first, they suffered a loss in the game against G2 esports, where they forced a third map but lost 13-8 in the end.No doubt they played well and continuously pressurized their opponents, but this time they’ll be against the best, the Sentinels. Sentinels defeated G2 on day 3 but finally lost one map in the same game. This could be something to work upon. We’ll have to see if F4Q is able to give a tough fight to Sentinels, or do they just succumb to the pressure? VCT 2021 Masters Berlin

All post-match highlights and summary to be posted on the website itself. Make sure to check them out as well.

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