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VCT 2021: Let’s Know About Sentinels Before VCT Masters Berlin 2021

VCT 2021: Let's Know About Sentinels Before VCT Masters Berlin 2021

VCT 2021: Let’s Know About Sentinels Before VCT Masters Berlin 2021. The Sentinels, who were the most popular name at VCT events throughout the year and built a reputation for themselves as a result of their success, were the first team to ensure a spot on the Valorant Champions Tour, which will be conducted at the conclusion of the year, using VCT points earned at tournaments. When winning all of its VCT main events, the team acquired Tyson ” TenZ ” Ngo from Cloud9 to help them take their success to the next level, especially after Jay ” sinatraa ” Won was fired for harassment accusations. Let’s get to know the organisation and the team as a whole immediately.

Since the team’s inception, just one transfer has occurred, and that was the TenZ transfer, which stemmed from the exclusion of ex-Overwatch player sinatraa from the roster. Outside of TenZ, the current Sentinels lineup is made up of the founding members of the Sentinels squad.

Former professional CS: GO players Shahzeb ” ShahZaM ” Khan and Hunter ” SicK ” Mims are members of the team. ShahZam, a 27-year-old CS: GO veteran, has been a member of successful teams such as Cloud9, TSM, and Complexity during his career. SicK, a 22-year-old CS: GO player who began his career in 2015, has had the opportunity to play for a variety of teams, including Complexity and TSM. He was also a teammate with ShahZam for a time.

Jared ” zombs ” Gitlin, who was transferred from Sentinels’ Apex Legends team, is a 23-year-old player who began his Overwatch career in 2016 and rose to prominence with FaZe Clan. Michael “ dapr ” Gulino, who joined the original squad in June 2020, began his esports career in 2017 with CS: GO but did not have the opportunity to play for well-known and successful teams.

  • usa flagShahzeb “ ShahZaM ” Khan
  • usa flagHunter “ SicK ” Mims
  • usa flagMichael “ dapr ” Gulino
  • canada flagTyson “ TenZ ” Ngo
  • usa flagJared “ zombs ” Gitlin

Sentinels Achievement So Far

  • Pop Flash – Ignition Series winner
  • JBL Quantum Cup winner
  • VCT NA Stage 1 Challengers 1 champion
  • VCT NA Tier 1 Masters champion
  • VCT NA Stage 2 Challengers 2 champion
  • VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik champion
  • VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs winner

Teams will battle it out for tickets to the VALORANT Champions Tour at the Masters – Berlin, which takes place September 10-19. G2 Esports will be the Sentinels’ first opponent in Group D.

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