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VCL South Asia Split 1 Day 2 Results: Velocity Gaming Defeated Gods Reign

VCL South Asia Split 1 Day 2: Velocity Gaming Defeated Gods Reign

The second day of Valorant Challangers League South Asia Split 1 finally concluded. We get to witness some of the intense actions between the two best teams of South Asia Velocity gaming and God’s Reign.  A total of 10 teams are battling all out to secure a slot in the upcoming Pacific Ascension league as a South Asian representative. Along with the Ascension league slot, the winner will be also granted a massive share of the US$140,000 prize pool. Here are the match highlights of day 2 VCL SA spilt 1. VCL South Asia Split 1

Map 1: Haven

The very first map of the day was played on Haven, which was picked by Velocity gaming. Velocity took dominating start as they won three-round continuously, GR finally secured their opening round in their second buy. The first half ended with a 7-5 score in favour of Velocity gaming.

The second-half pistol round was also won by Velocity. The pressure was clearly mounting on God Reign but some insane clutches by Vibhorr and Tixx helped GT to bounce back. Despite giving a hard fight at the end, Velocity gaming finally secured their own map pick with a 13-11 score. With this Velocity gaming, took a 1-0 lead in this B03 matchups.

Map 2: Pearl

After trailing on the first map, GR started very well on their own map pick – Pearl. Despite losing pistol and follow-up rounds against Velocity, GR finished the first half with a 7-5 score in their favour. GR reads were completely and on point, which help them to clutch many rounds.

Velocity gaming did some changes in the plan in the second half and executed scattered gameplay. This helped Velocity gaming to catch GR players off-guard on various occasions. There were back-and-forth exchanges of rounds. Not to forget to mention, the on-point operator gameplay of Autumn was mind-blowing. Velocity gaming ultimately secure the second half as Deathmaker also stepped up with some insane headshots in the final 3 rounds. Velocity gaming won this match with a 13-11 score.

With this win Velocity gaming climbed to the top position of group B. Meanwhile, GR finished bottom as of now but lots of matchups are still pending. The top 3 teams from each group will advance to the main event.

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