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VCC India: Global Esports and Velocity Gaming reached finals of India Qualifiers #1


Global Esports and Velocity Gaming to clash in the VCC India finals qualifiers. This is not a surprise, since most of us has already predicted this outcome. Interestingly none of the Semi-finals needed to advance to 3rd Map. Both the clashes of Global Esports and Velocity Gaming were pretty one-sided. Here is a match and map wise result of both the semifinal matches played in the Valorant Conquerors Championship.

Global Esports Vs Enigma Gaming (2-0)

  • Map 1: Breeze

Match 1 Vcc semi

Global Esports started this thrilling match by winning the pistol rounds, thanks to Skillz back to back insane headshot with Sherrif and boosted team confidence. Global esports were completely dominating till 7-0 when Enigma Gaming takes their opening round. Fierce comeback in this round lead this round to unleashed in Overtime, where Skrossi insane snipes took this round in favour of Global Esports.

  1. Final Score: 14- 12 (In favour of GE)
  2. MVP: GEKappa (23 Kills)
  • Map 2: IceBox

Match 2 Vcc semi

The second match of the series saw Global Esports put on a dominant display. Global Esports took the lead early in the game and controlled the first half, winning eight rounds and it is an injustice not to mention beautiful ACE by SK Rossi by Sherrif. Enigma Gaming was unable to secure a single round following the side change. Global Esports, on the other hand, won the match and the series by winning 5 more rounds.

  1. Final Score: 13- 4 (In favour of GE)
  2. MVP: SKRossi (26 Kills)

With this win, Global Esports secured a spot in the finals of Valorant Conquerors Championships India Qualifier and Enigma gaming knock out from stage 1 and have to reappear in stage 2.

Velocity Gaming Vs Samurai Esports (2-0)

  • Map 1: Ice Box

Map 1 Vcc semiVLTHellf Insane 4 kills with ghost gave an early edge to Velocity gaming in pistol round.  The match was nowhere taking any direction till the 18th round where both teams stood at 9-9, then Velocity gaming took charge and completely over shined Samurai. After 9-9, Samurai didn’t even get a single Round and velocity won this icy map.

  1. Final Score: 13- 9 (In favour of Velocity Gaming)
  2. MVP:  VLTHellff (23 Kills)
  • Map 2: HAVEN

map 2 vcc semiEarly gunfights suggested a comeback from Samurai in the map of haven by level up at 3-3, after that Velocity gaming did exactly what they known for, Velocity’s fierce comeback didn’t give any chance to samurai. Samurai Esports really seems hopeless by the insane clutching skills of velocity players.

  1. Final Score: 13- 6 (In favour of Velocity Gaming)
  2. MVP:  VLTMW1(23 Kills)

Finally, after beating Samurai Esports, Velocity will meet Global Esports in Finals of VCC India Qualifiers stage 1. The Final will take place tomorrow on Nodwin Gaming Official Channel. A total of 5 Maps will be played in the VCC India finals and the winner will advance to the playoffs.

Vcc india finals

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