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VCC Grand Finals Day 1 Recap, Day 2 Matches Schedule, and Where to Watch

VCC Grand Finals Day 1 Recap, Day 2 Matches Schedule, and Where to Watch. VALORANT CONQUERORS CHAMPIONSHIP
VCC Grand Finals Day 1 Recap, Day 2 Matches Schedule, and Where to Watch. VALORANT CONQUERORS CHAMPIONSHIP

VCC Grand Finals Day 1 Recap, Day 2 Matches Schedule, and Where to Watch. Since its launch in July 2021, NODWIN Gaming’s main competition, the “Valorant Conquerors Championship,” has generated a lot of buzz. The Valorant Champions Tour 2021 is a big step forward for South Asian VALORANT teams since it allows them the opportunity to compete in the  2021 APAC Last Chance Qualifier and, for the first time, compete for a position on the Valorant Champions Tour 2021 in Los Angeles

Finally, Day 1 of the VALORANT Conquerors Championship aka VCC Grand finals day 1 ended with 3 teams make it to day 2 of the VCC  grand finals. Team Exploit from Pakistan, Velocity gaming, and Global Esports from India make it to a further stage while there was an upset day of Enigma fans. Enigma could not able to deliver the performance to overcome the barrier of Exploits and Global Esports. We have also been able to witness the most anticipated match – GE vs VLT with some nerve-ending Overtime. Here is match wise report:

Match 1: Team Exploit Vs Enigma Gaming

Icebox was the first map of the match, chosen by Team Exploit. Team Exploit stunned the audience once again by displaying complete dominance over Enigma Gaming. TE scored 9-3 in the first half and 13-7 in the second half to earn a spot on the map. Shooter shown us some greatest frags and aims.

Enigma Choice- Bind was the second map. In this map, Team Exploit once again demonstrated their abilities. They won the map with a score of 13-5. King emerged as a top performer.

Match 2: Velocity Gaming vs Global Esports

The first map with GE on the offensive was Split. This is the game that the Valorant community has been anticipating. Both teams battled head-to-head in the first half, which ended with a 6-6 tie. After that, it was all VLT in the second half, as they swept GE and finished the map with a 13-6 score.

Haven was chosen as Match’s second map. This map began in the same way as the first, with both sides having six rounds in their pockets. GE displayed its true potential in the second half, finishing with a 13- 6 score

The Breeze was used for the third and final map. This was, without a doubt, the most heated map of the tournament. This game stretched through numerous overtimes, but VLT prevailed over GE, and the Velocity won by a score of 18-16.

Match 3: Global Esports vs Enigma Gaming

Global Esports entered full-on beast mode and completely dominated the map. The map was won by GE with a score of 13-5. The second map was once again dominated by Global Esports. GE showed no compassion and went into dominations mode, winning the half 11-1 and the map and the game 13-3.

  • Velocity Gaming Vs Team Exploit ( 5 PM IST, Nodwin Gaming YouTube, and Twitch)
  • Global Esports Vs Loser of Match 1 ( 7 PM IST, Nodwin Gaming YouTube, and Twitch)

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