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VCC 2022 Playoffs Day 1: Know Which Teams Dominated at the End of Day 1

VCC 2022 Playoffs Day 1: Know Which Teams Dominated at the End of Day 1

VCC 2022 Playoffs Day 1: Know Which Teams Dominated at the End of Day 1: The very first match of the VCC 2022 Playoffs was played between Exceeli esports from Bangladesh and India’s fan-favorite Velocity Gaming. Exceeli Surprised everyone by snatching the very first map from Velocity. Ssami for his Team was MVP of this map with a total of 22 kills and 300 ACS. In the second map of Breeze, Velocity strike back by winning 12 consequently round and secured the map in their favor with a score of 13-3. Velocity eventually won the match by securing the last map of split as well.

The second match was played between VCC defending champions Global Esports and Union Gaming. The first map was Bind, picked by Union Gaming but failed to capitalize as Global finished map of Bind with comfortable 13-4. Lightningfast was MVP for his team with a total of 26 kills. The second map was GE pick- Breeze. Skrossi completely dominated the mid- pillar area and secured this map also for his team with freaking 27 Kills.

The Third match was fought between God particles against Team Exploit. The first map was Breeze, which was chosen by God Particles but end up as the losing side as Team Exploit won Breeze with a 13-10 score.  Shooter was his team’s MVP, with a total of 23 kills. The second map was chosen by TE: Split. Team Exploit secured the second map comfortably to earn a spot against Engima gaming in Playoffs.

The final match of the day was between Enigma gaming and Khumbu esports from Nepal. Engima gaming won both maps of Ascent and Icebox comfortably as Rawfiul lead his team from the front.

Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022, the path for South Asian teams to make their mark on Valorant’s biggest stage. South Asia’s leading esports company, Nodwin Gaming, has partnered with Riot Games to organize VCC 2022 in South Asia. Playoffs for the Challengers Furthermore, this time the APAC region will not only host SA and SEA countries. The event will also feature representatives from Japan and Oceania. Prior to the Master, however, China and South Korea will hold their own qualifiers.

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