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Vampire Esports Awarded as PMWI 2022 Main Event Champion: See Overall Standings

Vampire Esports became PMWI 2022 Main Event Champion: See Overall Standings

PUBG Mobile World Invitational final Day has finally ended Today with nail-biting matches. The team from across the world participated in this tournament to be the World Champions. At the end of PMWI finals, Vampire eSports became champions by securing the first position in overall standings by 112 finishes and 108 placement points. Team Falcons were able to secure the second position by 93 finishes and 104 placement points. Followed by Team Stalwart eSports by 180 overall points. The top 5 teams advanced in the week 2 Showdown. PMWI 2022 Main Event Champion

On the overall ranking chart, Team Soul finishes the day in 11th place. They produce 26 points, 13 for placing and 13 for elimination. Most of the time in games, Soul players played the rigged game and sought to hang around until the very end without becoming involved in the action.  PMWI 2022 Main Event Champion

Position Prize Money (USD) Team Seed
1st $525,000 Vampire Esports Afterparty Showdown
2nd $325,000 Team Falcons Afterparty Showdown
3rd $185,000 Stalwart Esports Afterparty Showdown
4th $125,000 Nigma Galaxy Afterparty Showdown
5th $100,000 DAMWON Gaming Afterparty Showdown
6th $80,000 Regans Gaming
7th $73,000 Istanbul Wildcats
8th $69,000 Morph Team
9th $65,000 Keyd Stars
10th $62,000 Back2Back
11th $58,500 Team SouL
12th $55,000 Box Gaming
13th $52,500 4Rivals
14th $50,000 Donuts USG
15th $47,500 Virtual Gaming Squad
16th $45,000 TJB Esports EU
17th $42,500 Aton Esports
18th $40,000 52 Esports
Award Prize Individual Team
MVP $10,000 Action  Stalwart Esports
Gunslinger $5,000 Stoned Vampire Esports
Grenade Master $5,000 SchwepXz  Vampire Esports
Eagle Eye $5,000 Hector  Team SouL
Medic $5,000 GZ  Regans Gaming

Speaking about the Afterparty Showdown competition, it will take place in week 2 from August 18 through August 20 and will include 12 teams from around the globe. The Afterparty Showdown will come to a close with six matches per day, but on six distinct maps, just like the Main Event. The Afterparty Showdown will include 12 teams who will compete against one another in six matches each day and a variable scoring system. Six maps will be included in the map sequence for Afterparty Showdown, including Livik and Karakin, the two smallest PUBG Mobile maps at 2×2 km each.

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