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VALORANT Upcoming Map “Fracture”: Release Date, features, and All You need to Know

VALORANT Upcoming Map "Fracture": Release Date, features, and All You need to Know.

VALORANT Upcoming Map “Fracture”: Release Date, features, and All You Need to Know. VALORANT has provided us with a variety of map designs, ranging from Breeze, a tropical paradise, to the Icebox, a frozen wasteland. If Fracture is the name of our next map, it may be Valorant’s most story-driven map ever. The things you need to know are in the continuation of our news, in addition to the map’s amazing sights and surroundings

With the release of Chapter 3, Part 2 on September 8, the Fracture map will be available in the game. A new Battle Pass and patch 3.05. will be released alongside the map. (There are those who feel that our new agent “Dead Eye,” whom we heard chatting behind his back in the Fracture map teaser trailer, will also come with the next section.)

The new H-shaped map has been divided into two. A portion of the terrain is desert, while the remainder is densely forested. “We wanted to establish a significant visual difference on the map to convey to us that there was an accident caused by a rift that broke the timeline,” Brian Yam, Valorant’s chief designer, said of the map. Valorant Theory Developers Cynprel claims that Dead Eye hit the main reactor on the Fracture map in both worlds, merging the two universes and destroying the timeline, based on the cinematics.

VALORANT Upcoming Map "Fracture": Release Date, features, and All You need to Know


In contrast to other maps, the attacking team will spawn on both sides of the map (the team will be split), while the defending team will spawn in the center. “The fundamental idea for the map stemmed from a simple question: What if the Attacking side spawns on both sides of the map and jams the Defenders?” remarked Valorant Tier Designer Joe Lansford of the map’s inception. We challenged players to reconsider some fundamental assumptions and presented them with novel difficulties to solve.”

The main information known so far about the Upcoming map in valorant is as follows:
  • Defenders will spawn in the middle of the map with an H-shaped plan.
  • The “ziplines” that cross the bottom of the map will connect the front and back parts.
  • The Fracture map will be the first map with interactive elements. (Interactive elements are expected to be Tac-Bears (Hamdi Abi), which was also present in previous maps)
  • The first map showing the Mirror Universe and the Kingdom companies on either side.

The Fracture map is made with a very different perspective compared to traditional FPS maps. However, there is also a map adorned with the story of Valorant.

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