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Valorant Upcoming Eighth Map Highly Resembles CS:GO Inferno Map, Know Release Date

Valorant Upcoming Eighth Pearl Map Resembles CS:GO Inferno Map

Fans of Valorant have given the first glimpse at the upcoming eighth map Pearl, which has some resemblance to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game Inferno. Pearl is one of Valorant’s most aesthetically distinctive maps, with twisting streets, magnificent architecture and artwork, and a massive Radianite dome looming overhead. Despite its unique surroundings, the new map has a more standard three-lane layout, with two lanes heading to both spike sites and a critical mid area for securing rotations. There are no “gimmicks” like ropes or teleporters, unlike previous Valorant maps. Pearl Map CS:GO

The developer has been busy working on the Valorant agent roster, thus the map pool hasn’t been updated in a while. Riot has decided to increase the collection in Valorant Episode 5, Act 1 because players have finally found their foothold on Fracture. A slew of teases have fallen through the gaps, but until lately, there wasn’t much to learn from the leaks. Pearl Map CS:GO

Valorant Upcoming Pearl Map highly Resembles “Inferno map” from CS:GO

In Valorant, Pearl would take the position of Split in the Active map pool. Riot offered an early Beta where content producers could explore the map and test it out using the ‘Prelude of Chaos’ New Skin Bundle. The map’s gameplay is based on a standard three-lane concept, similar to all previous maps and reminiscent of CSGO maps such as Dust II, Inferno, and others, where the map can be simply separated into three sections, A, B, and Mid. Pearl, unlike earlier Valorant maps, is more traditional, with no teleporters, doors, or ziplines. While playing, the map is as complicated as any other map, if not more so. The map’s creators describe it as “deceptively basic.”

Valorant New Pearl Map Websites and Liberate Date - TOI News - TOI.News

Pearl Map Release Date:

The map is unquestionably a significant step forward. With the game’s future in sight, the map is a clear indication of how the developers want the game to be played, and it’s a fun way to play it. For the first two weeks, Pearl would have its own queue, which would be part of the regular map rotation. On June 22nd, this map will be released.

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