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Valorant Unvield New Tigris Skins Bundle and Free Battle pass to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Valorant Unvield Tigris Skins Bundle and Free Lunar New Year Battle pass
Valorant Unvield Tigris Skins Bundle and Free Lunar New Year Battle pass

Valorant Unvield Tigris Skins Bundle and Free Lunar New Year Battle pass. Valorant is back with a new skin line for players to choose from. Riot has released a brand new set of skins called “Tigris” to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The Tigris skin collection attempts to convey that same intensity in each of the designs, as 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. In addition to the new gun skins, VALORANT will provide players with a free Lunar New Year Battle pass. The free event pass includes a variety of entertaining extra cosmetics such as sprays and gun friends.

The Lunar New Year arrives on February 1st, and VALORANT gamers have an entertaining method to observe the occasion. Skins for the Phantom, Shorty, Spectre, Operator and a new melee skin are included in the new Tigris skin range. The Lunar Celebration Pass also includes free cosmetics such as a cloud gun buddy, tiger spray, and a player card with Sage, Jett, and Neon having dinner.

Valorant Lunar Celebrations 2022 rewards cosmetic event pass

The new Tigris skin bundle from Valorant will be available this week in time for the Chinese New Year in 2022 for the Lunar New Year Battle pass, which will be the Year of the Tiger. The skin has royal black and red textures, as well as a beautiful gold gloss. Tigris also has a melee that resembles a Dao sword, which is widely utilized in China. The new melee skin is much larger than the base knife, making it ideal for gamers who want a more visible combat weapon.

Tigris skin bundle 2022 Valorant

Tigris Phantom Skin

The new pass has yet to be announced, but past free passes like the RiotX Arcane pass and the VALORANT YR1 pass are anticipated to provide a similar experience. Another enjoyable option to obtain cosmetic stuff without paying money is to use this method.

Tigris Skins Bundle Price

The new bundle’s price hasn’t been mentioned, but it’ll most likely be available on February 2nd when the Protocol skins in the in-game store expire. The Protocol skins have been big popularity with the VALORANT community, so get them while they’re still available.

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