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Valorant Undercity Bundle Teased Next Potential Agent? Know Expected Release Date and Price

Valorant Undercity Bundle

Valorant Undercity Bundle Teased Next Potential Agent? Know Expected Release Date and Price: The New VALORANT skin will feature a mysterious Victoria Vector, who recently appeared in the Jett music video “Can’t Slow Me Down,” which was published on the VALORANT Korea YouTube channel. It’s unclear whether ‘Victoria’ is a potential new agent.

The skins, dubbed Undercity, depict a purple-hued neon-lit metropolis, with each weapon bearing Victoria Vector’s face, including her startling blue hair. The bundle stands out for including a dual-wield Melee. Undercity, the brand new skin bundle, is flashy but perplexing. It resembles Glitchpop with a few improvements and the branding of an unknown character.

According to the leaks, the Undercity bundle will comprise four weapon skins along with a melee including:

  • Protocol Undercity Bulldog
  • Protocol Undercity Phantom
  • Protocol Undercity Classic
  • Protocol Undercity Judge
  • Protocol Undercity Knife/Melee/Ax

The image of the entire bundle shows the entire Undercity skin collection, including skins for the Judge, Phantom, Classic, Bulldog, and melee. The ValorLeaks account also posted a video of someone wielding melee weapons, including a knife and an icepick-style axe.

Undercity skins are certainly eye-catching, but it’s not the looks that have piqued the interest of players. The strange girl inscribed on the skins has fascinated the Valorant community’s interest. It could be the new agent, but Riot is unlikely to release the first look so quickly when an agent is still a whole act away. As a result, that should be completely scratched off.

What is the Potential Cost and Release Date of Undercity Bundle?

Valorant Undercity Skins

The Undercity skin bundle has no official release date, but with the release of v4.03 on February 15 and the Lunar New Year-themed Tigris leaving the shop tomorrow (February 16), it’s highly likely that it will be replaced. Each gun skin costs 1,775 VP, while the Melee, which can be upgraded to Lvl. 2, costs 3,775 VP. As previously stated, the bundle will cost 7,100 VP.

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